School of Media & IT

Recent excerpts from external examiners' reports for 2016

'The college actively encourages independent research and self-directed learning.  Research skills are actively promoted in terms of report writing techniques and referencing.  Students can also contribute to the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies bulletin.  The bulletin showcases case studies and articles from students that is published twice a year.  '

'The delivery and management team are very proactive in meeting the needs of their learners.  This can be evidenced through the resources, structured teaching, assignments and assessment feedback. '

'The centre promotes good work ethics and soft skill teaching into the programme.  This underpins learning and provides excellent employment opportunities for learners moving into the sector.  Feedback from employers such as Coca-Cola strongly supports the delivery and embedding of these skills.'

'The centre management systems are very effective and very efficient.  The teaching team are dynamic in their delivery and have provided a detailed overview in discussions regarding the unit and assessment.'

Excerpts from external examiners' reports for 2015

"Senior management are allocating appropriate time and resources to support qualification delivery/review.  They also encourage students with cultural activities, open days, graduation invitations, master speakers, athletics & charity events, Christmas parties, special lectures/master speakers, job fairs, music nights and international conferences."

"It became clear to the [Standards Verifier] that the staff work well together and operate as a close knit team.  The ethos of the team is very much focused on the provision of first class education for their students.  In essence the team is committed to the principles of continuous improvement, with staff remaining open to all aspects of internal verification and quality assurance.  None of the staff had any concerns about quality improvement and expressed their willingness to participate in the full range of rigorous and supportive internal verification procedures.  It was encouraging to see that all of the senior managers are comfortable with this approach to the provision of high quality HN programmes."

"Programme Leadership and Quality Assurance - working together as a committed team to help and guide their students and achieve the aims of the programme.  Above all their willingness to engage in regular peer and self evaluation, as part of a supportive team.  Consequently the quality of their provision is continuously reviewed in a non-threatening way and this ultimately leads to improvement for the students."

"Assessor feedback to students is good - being constructive, targeted and supportive."

Excerpts from external examiners' reports for 2014:

Feedback from the assessor to the student

This is excellent; and excellent is not a word to be used lightly, since there is not really anything left to improve. However, the feedback form is structured in such a way as to require the assessor to complete it. Detail first – then targeted on the assessment criteria and the grading descriptors. Finishing with a summary of general supportive feedback comments. The students said they appreciated the support they received.

Internal Verification Policies and Procedures.

Internal verification is planned, implemented and recorded effectively. The lead IVs set the agenda. They meet regularly to discuss the strategies and communicate their requirements to the team. Internal verification is not a rigid process, but a flexible and adaptable process planned to provide verification and support.

Student feedback to the Standards Verifier

The students were most complimentary about the College, the staff and the programmes of study.


Administration is often left out of the topics for praise when listing good practice. In this College the administration of the Computing programmes is particularly good. Certainly the ‘pack’ provided for the SV prior to the visit was very helpful, being detailed and informative.


Excerpts from external examiners' reports for 2013:

"Almost without exception, comprehensive feedback is provided by assessors, and the documentation encourages explicit recording of achievement of higher grade descriptors."

"There is a strong ethos in the centre for continuous development in terms of quality assurance, satisfaction and high achievement by learners, and progression opportunities."

"Internal verification processes are now rigorous across HND programmes, with comparable procedures and documentation in place; Board Meetings convened twice each semester provide formal monitoring checks on progress, achievement, and determination of course progression by all students."