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Guest Playlist Curator: Celina - "For a casual Tuesday"

by Scy, on Apr 27, 2021 3:36:23 PM

After a short break, we are back with another playlist curator! This time it's MA Fine Arts student Celina, who also happens to be a Prague College social media ambassador and who recently started the Clay Society, which I highly recommend to all you artsy souls out there. Today, we get to listen to Celina's favourite "casual Tuesday" songs. Read more about her feelings and thoughts about music below, or don't wait any longer and head over to Spotify!

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 11.32.26

"I chose these songs because they are the type of music that plays in the background and makes me dance or sing, or just shake my body a little while I am working on my laptop. It's a casual playlist for playing while you do everyday mundane work. It will help you get through it with a twist. From this playlist, I think my favorite song is “Wait a minute” from Willow.

To me, music is everything, really. I don’t play any instruments but music rules my day. I listen to it all the time and it helps me, it gives me the power to fix my mood or feel even more of everything. I don’t have the words to explain it, but there are some songs that give me goosebumps every time I listen to them."

“Celina - "For a casual Tuesday" Tracklist

  1. Waste My Time - Grace VanderWaal
  2. Quiero Sentirlo Todo - Arath Herce
  3. Girlfriend - Christine and the Queens, DāM-FunK
  4. Hate me - Miley Cyrus
  5. the last great american dynasty - Taylor Swift
  6. Don't You Worry - Oh Wonder
  7. Chupetazos - Caloncho
  8. Wait a Minute! - WILLOW
  9. Girls Go Wild - Air
  10. Supercut - Lorde
  11. Only You - Steve Monite
  12. Clueless - The Marias
  13. This Must Be The Place - Ben Bridwell, Iron & Wine
  14. Worthy - Westside Church
  15. Lucha De Gigantes - Nacha Pop
  16. A Horse With No Name - America, George Martin
  17. Human Nature - Michael Jackson
  18. New Man - Ed Sheeran
  19. Seasons (Waiting On You) - Future Islands
  20. Follow Your Fire - Kodaline
  21. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home - Rooftop Mix - Hailee Steinfeld, Keira Knightley
  22. Hasta la Raíz - Natalia Lafourcade
  23. Cold Little Heart - Radio Edit - Michael Kiwanuka, Wired Strings
  24. Borjor - Shatta Wale
  25. Tiny Dancer - Elton John, Paul Buckmaster
  26. Chachachá - Jósean Log
  27. Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates
  28. What's Up? - 4 Non Blondes
  29. Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/a06e

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