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Guest Playlist Curator: Isabel - "Electronic Flow"

by Scy, on Mar 30, 2021 7:48:57 PM

It's finally getting warm here in Prague and we've got a new playlist that will keep the fire going. Isabel is a second year MA of Future Design students and shares with us her Electronic Flow playlist. Perfect for finishing up the studying or work we have left to do before the Easter holidays. Get yourself your favourite drink, turn on you computer, click here for the playlist, and let the inspiration flow.


"Hi! I'm Isa, 2nd year student of MA Future Design, and 3D artist at Agora! I'm from the Philippines.

My first love is singing. I never had a proper voice training (maybe one day) but I learned to read music and play piano and guitar specifically so I can sing with accompaniment.

I grew up in a family of music enthusiasts. I listen to various genres from Classical, Jazz, Rock, to Original Pilipino Music. It's an integral part of my life, much like art and literature. The beauty of it is that it's a subjective experience that, when shared with others, has the ability to create meaningful connections.

This playlist is a collaboration between me and Spotify algorithm, it is one of my favourite electronic mix to listen to while studying, working (especially on the computer ;) ) or while winding down. Excellent vocals, audible bass, pleasant synths, with a touch of acoustics. "

“Isabel - "Electronic Flow" Tracklist

  1. All I Need - Air, Beth Hirsch
  2. Cherry Blossom Girl - Air
  3. Daydream in Blue - I Monster
  4. Destiny - Zero 7
  5. Empire Ants - Gorillaz, Little Dragon
  6. Hayling - FC Kahuna, Hafdís Huld
  7. Here in My Room - Incubus
  8. I Have Seen - Zero 7
  9. J'ai dormi sous l'eau - Air
  10. Latitudes - Ollano
  11. Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation
  12. Light Blue Movers - Zero 7
  13. Mad About You - Hooverphonic
  14. Madness - Muse
  15. Mono - Zero 7, Hidden
  16. My Friend - Groove Armada
  17. Private Road - Bent
  18. Ramblin' Man - Lemon Jelly
  19. Shona - Jake Chudnow
  20. Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes
  21. Spinning - Zero 7, Sophie Baker
  22. Suzuki - Tosca
  23. Sweet Cheeks - Drip
  24. Teardrop - Massive Attack
  25. Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/9SJ5

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