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Guest Playlist Curator: Teri - "Epic Fantasy Adventure"

by Scy, on May 14, 2021 7:59:15 PM

The end of the semester is coming dangerously close and I can imagine some of us need some escapism right now and would rather be taken to a fantasy world far away. I have good news for you! Foundation Art & Design student Teri made the perfect collection of songs to take you there. She recommends listening to these songs about 1 - 3 times a week for activities such as biking, reading fantasy books, creating epic illustrations, or daydreaming. Go over to Spotify to be blown away by epic fantasy tunes.

Teri's playlist

"Hey, I'm Teri (Czech with a flavour of America) and I'm in the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design programme. I am a girl of many hats and even more hobbies, but my favourite ones are art, books, and sports (and daydreaming about venturing into fantasy lands, if that wasn't clear from my playlist :D).

My fave singer and songwriter is MARINA and my fave musical "band" is the Prague Film Orchestra (my first concert and one of the best experiences of my life). My favourite instrument is the piano (been successfully failing to learn the magic of playing since 2016).

Music always takes me to any place I want or need, and it can be anywhere - a fantasy land, a country on the other side of the planet, the safety of my bed, above the clouds, under the sea... And what is the point of life if it doesn't have an awesome playlist to go with? :D"

“Teri - "Epic Fantasy Adventure" Tracklist

  1. Leaving for a great adventure - Peter Crowley
  2. Dragonheart - The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
  3. The kingdom above the sky - Peter Crowley
  4. A tale of sea dragons - Marcus Warner
  5. Starfall - Driftmoon
  6. Leafmen - Danny Elfman, Pete Anthony
  7. The power to change everything - Frederik Wiedmann
  8. Archangel - Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from Hell
  9. Illumielle - Jo Blankenburg
  10. Hold on tight - Frederik Wiedmann
  11. Once there were dragons - John Powell
  12. 暁のヨナAkatsuki no Yona opening (short version) - 梁 邦彦
  13. Spirit of Moravia - Thomas Bergersen
  14. The Legendary sword - Peter Crowley
  15. Victory - Two Steps from Hell
  16. Only the beginning of the adventure - Harry Gregson-Williams
  17. Spirit of Freedom - Peter Crowley

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/a5hf

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