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Matthew Butler

by Alex Went, on 05 March 2014 08:20:47 CET

"If you are looking for quality university education, life experience, culture, a rich social life and skills that can help you succeed in the real world then I recommend Prague College to you."

Studying at Prague College has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone.

When I was choosing a university I wanted to stay close to my family. Luckily living in Manchester I had a good of great number of choices available. Then I found Prague College.

When I applied to study here, I wasn’t completely serious about the idea. The school replied to me immediately and offered me an interview over the phone or at the school. I decided to visit the school in person as I had been to Prague before and it gave me an excuse to visit the city again.  I was met by friendly staff and I had the opportunity to meet some of the students, many of whom were a long way from home.

I was offered a place at the school and I took it without thinking twice. I’m at the end of my first year here and I don’t regret it for a moment.

I study business here and I recommend the school to anyone else thinking about studying business. In the UK I once had a business teacher who read from a book for hours on end with the occasional sarcastic quip thrown in as a dire attempt to keep the class interested in the material and not the monotone sounds coming from his mouth. Here at Prague College I have teachers that explain the material using their own real life experiences and keep the material interesting. The class sizes are small — I have not had a class with more than 20 students in it. The teacher knows who I am and is always around when I have questions, whether they are about the material or a project that I am working on outside of the school.

Another great experience that can be associated with the school is living in Prague. Prague is a beautiful city is in the heart of Europe. There always seems to be something going on around here, beer festivals, food festivals there was even a fringe festival similar to Edinburgh’s (and that one might have been a little smaller!) And of course Prague is famous for its beer! The city is full of bars and clubs that go on until the following afternoon!

Update 2013: Matt completed his BA (Hons) International Business Management degree at Prague College and has gone on to work with Vit Horky at Brand Embassy.

Update 2014: He is responsible for Digital Marketing at Prague College.

Update 2016: Matt Butler is currently Director of Digital Marketing and Content at Hubert Burda, one of Europe's largest magazine publishers.

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