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Dagmar Blachova

Dagmar Bláhová

Dagmar Bláhová is an internationally regarded actress who was born in Czechoslovakia and has a Master of Arts degree from DAMU.

Dagmar has performed in over 50 films and TV series, and is most well known for her lead role in the 70s cult film by Vera Chytilova 'The Apple Game' with Jiri Menzel, as well the film 'Calamity', and for her role in the most popular Australian TV series 'Neighbours'.

She has worked with some of the best Czech directors in history. An actress with a strong comedic talent, she acts and also directs for theatre, film, and television. She has performed in various theatres (eg, Semafor Theatre or Studio Ypsilon) and was also a permanent member of the Goose on a String Theatre, where, with Bolek Polívka, she played in Am a Ea, a legendary theatre production in Czech culture.

After experience acting and directing in Germany and France, she emigrated to Australia. There she continued her career as an actress, director and producer. She wrote and directed in the Opera House as well as other theatres, and since returning to the Czech Republic she teaches Acting Studio at FAMU. She founded the theatre company Intimni Divadlo.


MA, Prague Academy of Arts (DAMU)

Publications and Professional Activities - Selection

2018-2022 Prague City University - Lecturer

1999-2022 FAMU - Lecturer "The Acting Studio" and "Directors Seminar"



1972-1980 Husa Na Provazku Theatre - Actress

1969-1980 Theatres Ypsilon and Semafor - actress

1971 Management - Theatre Radar, Reduta

1972-1980 Theatre Na Provazku - "Adam and Eva" performance with Bolek Polivka

Emigration to Australia, working for theatres, film and TV

1985 Honorary Prise at Prix Italia, Penguin Award for the best acress 



France - Nancy, Strasbourg, Dijon, Avignon, La Rochelle

Italy - Milano, Palermo, San Archangelo

Germany - Berlin, Freiburg

Belgium - Ghent, Lowain

Switzerland -ngeneva, Chax de Fonds

United Kingdom - London

Austria - Villach 

Poland - Wroclaw

Croatia - Zagreb



Wuthering Heights - Catherine (E. Bronte)

Alice in Wonderland - Black Queen

State of Siege - Death (A. Camus)

Commedia dell' Arte - Colombina (six years)

Theatrical Roman - Olga Pavlovna (Bulgakov)

Mini-Comedies - five parts (P. Cami) 

Whose Child It Is - Hetera (Menandros) 

We Want to Live - Marie Magdalena (K. Nový)

Pohádká Máje - Božena (Mrštík)

Professional Woman - Granny (V. Paral)

Mystero Buffo - One Woman Show (D. Fo)

Adam and Eve - Eve - The Best Show winner at the international festival in Nancy, 1974

Misunderstanding -  Marta (A. Camus)

Waiting for Godot (S. Beckett) - directing at the National Theatre at Freiburg, 1979

Pezza Contra Tchorba - Mrs Tchobra (B. Polívka) - Winner at the International Drama Institute and and a year-long engagement at Theatre National d'Est, Paris, 1979-80


Film and TV:

Tělo Diany - Richardson, director, 1969

Ecce Homo Homolka - Papoušek, director, 1969

Návštěvy - Drcha, director, 1969

"...a pozdravuji vlaštovky" - Jireš, director, 1972

Kára - Drcha, director, 1975

Hra o jablko - lead role with J. Menzel, V. Chytilová, director, 1976

Chramrouses Grang Prix, Chicago Silver Hugo

Kalamita - lead role, V. Chytilová, director, 1979

Mejdan na písku - Kaloč, director, 1979


Australia - Theatre:

International Festival in Vancouver and Toronto, 1981 - The Devil and Katja, pantomime - screenplay, director, acting, 1981

Melbourne Playbox Theatre, 1982 - directing and assistant to the director

The Marionette Theatre of Australia - Puppet Power, Smiles Away, Megalomania

The Woman and Theatre Project - tutoring, 1981

Forbidden Fruit - Sidney Opera House - screenplay and directing, 1982

Adelaide International Festival, 1983

Translation of "Kalevala" for The Spare Parts Puppet theatre, Perth Playhouse - Krofta, director, 1985

St. Joan of Stockyards (Brecht) - Sidney Seymour Centre, 1984

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant - Petra (Fassbinder) - Sidney Theatre Company, 1986

The Fault Line - Genevra (Pirandello), 1986

Foreign Matter - One Woman Show, Sidney Seymour Centre, 1986

Belvoir Street Theatre, 1989

Roald Dahl's Shorts - director, Sidney Puppet Theatre, 1990

Pest House - (N.Parson), Parade theatre, 1990

Marina - Journey to the End - production, director, performance, Sidney Seymour centre, 1991 

Labyrinth Theatre - directing, Prague, 1994


Australia - Film and TV:

A Country Practice - Mrs. Mayers, 1980 (JNP Films)

A Groom's Tale - Pamela, 1981 (ABC TV)

Learned Friends - Mrs. Simonds (ABC TV)

Spaghetti and Chips - Maria (SBS TV)

The Maestro Company - Lotte (SBS TV)

Cartoons (SBS TV)

A Country Practice - Tania Menzel (JNP Films)

Neighbours - series from 1985, Maria Ramsay Grundy's Original Cast, 150 episodes

Funeral Going - Helena (ABC TV)

Displaced Persons - Anna (ABC Film)


Dasha - documentary profile (CZ TV), 1992

Marina Tsvetaeva - lead (SBS TV), 1992 

Hoodwink - Claude Whatham, director, UK

May I Have a Normal Life? (A.F.R.T.S.)

Howling 3 - co-lead, P. Mora, director, US, 1995

Stronger (A.F.T.R.S.)

Hungry Haart - mother, L. Acquisto, director

Sons of Steel - Gary J. Keady, director

The Tourist - lead role, B. Polivka, director

Torture of Imagination - lead role, Drha, director, 1990, CZ

Retreat (A.F.T.R.S.)

She Stayed at the Hotel, Where the Angels Lived - lead role, Drha director, 1991

Shame (A.F.T.R.S.)

Night Hotel - lead role, Leovich, director 

Seagull - Arkadina, Drcha, director, 1993, CZ

Nexus - Jose-Maria Forque, director, Spain-UK

Incorruptible - Smycek, director, CZ

Traps - boss, Věra Chytilová, director, 1994, CZ


Jotam - One-Woman Show, Israeli drama

Lend Me a Tenor - Maria, theatre

The Tomatoes Are Not Rape Yet - theatre

Bonhofer - Bonhofer's sister, film

The Inverse Canon - secretary, film

The Origins of Evil - secretary, film 

The Silver WG - Lori, miniseries, 2000, CZ TV

The Lion in Winter - Queen Eleonora, thetre

The Children of Dune - reverend's mother, series, 2002, US

The Prince and Me - Beatrix (Universal), 2003, US


Since 2002 D. Blahova leads her own theatre group in Prague, Intimate Theatre of Daša Blahova - www.intimnidivadlo.cz 


Translations, Productions and participations:


The Vagina Monologues -  more than 500 replays 

Dobré tělo - Eve Ensler

Mrchy - Alma de Groen

Moucha na zdi - Pete Murray

Koza - A. Albee, 2004-5

Muž, ktéreho chtějí - Pavlásková, director

Když chípne pes - Drcha, director, ČT

Cosi - (L. Nowra) dierctor of English production in Prague

Ginger and Fred - Broadway Theatre, Prague

Velme křehké vztahy - Elsa, (TV Prima), 2007-09