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Professional Qualification for Teaching English in Czech Secondary Schools


3- Semester Professional Qualification
Blended Learning Format
Start September

The purpose of this programme is to establish and deepen knowledge and skills in the pedagogical, psychological, and methodological aspects of teaching and learning; and to use newly-gained knowledge and skills effectively in the teaching process.

It is intended for those who have completed a Master’s degree in a non-teaching specialization and whose minimum level of English is assessed at C1 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. The programme is meant to supplement professional qualifications for teaching English at the second stage of primary schools and at secondary schools.

This life-long learning programme is taught in Czech and accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education as part of the Further Education of Teachers framework (DVPP) to provide the minimum qualification for teaching English as a foreign language in the Czech school system.

Programme Essentials

  • Work closely with highly experienced lecturers
  • Gain real teaching experience with our long-standing partner AKCENT International House
  • Study in an international environment where English is the primary language
  • Further your teaching career in the Czech Republic, or;
  • Access career opportunities all over the world, supported by your education and practice as an English language teacher
  • Explore work and internship opportunities via the PCU Industry Network
  • Participate in interdisciplinary projects with other PCU Schools and industry partners
  • Expand your knowledge through the Excellence in Learning and Teaching lecture series

What you study

Semester 1

Educational Psychology (40 hours face-to-face, 64 hours distance learning in the Digital Campus)

  • Basics of Pedagogy
  • Basics of Psychology
  • School Pedagogy
  • Educational and School Psychology

Semester 2

General and professional didactics in education (40 hours face-to-face, 70 hours distance learning in the Digital Campus)

  • General Didactics
  • Introduction to Language Teaching for Children and Youth
  • Linguo-didactics I: teaching language systems
  • Linguo-didactics II: teaching language skills

Semester 3

Teacher training (15 hours face-to-face, 15 hours distance learning in the Digital Campus).
This module provides teacher training practice in groups of students aged 12-15 and 16-18 respectively, with a focus on teaching language resources and the development of speech skills.  For each age group, trainee teachers will teach two lessons of their own, and complete two hours’ observation of colleagues’ teaching.

"Na PCU se mi líbí efektivní způsob výuky kombinací prezenční a distanční výuky. Distanční část je poměrně náročná – vypracování všech úkolů v termínu, samostudium apod., ale vyučující jsou velmi vstřícní a snaží se poradit.
Dále se mi líbí hodně příkladů z praxe, které se ve výuce uvádí, obecně vyučující jsou velmi kvalitní.

Rozhodně nelituji, že jsem se k DPS přihlásila, mám praxi 16 let jako personální manažerka, rozhodla jsem se tedy připravit na změnu své kariéry po dokončení studia na PCU. Informační systém IS je uživatelsky přívětivý, jsou tam všechny potřebné materiály ke studiu. Obecně jako každý studen DPS mám největší problém se skloubením zaměstnání, rodiny a studijních povinností. Studium DPS mě ale velmi baví, zajímají mě nejvíce předměty Pedagogiky a Linguodidaktiky."

Ing. Jitka Jarůšková, studentka programu


The programme offers Blended Learning study. Visas cannot be sponsored for this programme.

Blended Learning

Our Blended programme is a combination of in-person classes, teacher training and online sessions through our Digital Campus. You will experience the best of a PCU education by receiving individual mentoring from our professional lecturers and by actively partaking in all lectures and discussions in the university’s Digital Campus alongside your fellow students.

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Zdenek Starý is Rektor of Czech University Accreditation and Programmes, and Dean of the School of Education. He also pursues his own professional and educational interests in general linguistics. Zdeněk teaches general linguistics, focusing on language structure and issues of cognitive linguistics (undergraduate and graduate level); and tutors PhD linguistics students. Zdeněk holds a CSc. degree in General Linguistics (Charles University) and MA degrees in Czech Studies, Aesthetics and Mathematics (Charles University).


Practice Makes Perfect

Did you know that teaching practice is a key component of the Bachelor’s programme at PCU? Students receive 480 hours of teaching practice over the three-year programme through staged and progressively more challenging teaching scenarios.
Already in the first semester, student teachers begin to test themselves in the classroom, with feedback and constructive guidance given by experienced educators in a friendly environment. Teaching practice takes place in small groups, allowing the student teacher to translate the skills and theory learned in individual modules into reality through actual classroom teaching. Student teachers also have the opportunity to observe expert educators, and receive in-depth feedback and practice strategies, all of which are important factors in their own growth as teachers.

Entry Requirements

  • Confirmation of completed Master’s degree
  • English language certificate C1 level, corresponding with standardized tests such as Cambridge English (Advanced level) (CAE); Cambridge English (Business Higher); IELTS grades 6.5 - 7 (Academic), General Czech State Language Exam. If you do not have this certification, your linguistic competencies will be assessed instead as part of the interview process.
  • For all programmes at Prague City University there is a final interview between the applicant and the Programme Leader before the final decision on admission is made.

Are you interested in this programme?
Start in September.

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