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Digital Campus

With a personal and human touch

Prague City University has a Digital Campus for online and distance learning, as well as three physical campuses in the centre of Prague for face-to-face instruction.

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For more than a decade PCU has been delivering blended learning degree programmes using digital delivery, as well as entirely online tuition towards professional level qualifications. All of the programmes are structured to allow a number of classes to be taught through the Digital Campus, while using the physical campus for the majority of face-to-face teaching. 

We introduced technology in a number of our classrooms allowing our lecturers to simultaneously teach to students who are physically in the room and to students who join class through the video conferencing platform. Students in the physical classroom can interact with students in the digital campus classroom, creating a shared classroom experience in real-time.

These technology-enhanced classrooms are available to all programmes, and can be creatively used to provide unique and outstanding learning opportunities.


Combined classrooms are just one of the ways that Prague City University can adapt to health and travel restrictions in the case that some students experience delays in getting visas or flights to Prague for the upcoming September semester. These technology-enhanced classrooms are available to all programmes, and can be creatively used to provide unique and outstanding learning opportunities. How the Digital Campus will be used will vary on a programme by programme basis.

The Digital Campus features small class sizes. This allows our teachers during class to prioritise students, with an emphasis on individual attention and mentoring. Real-time interaction provides an immersive online experience with a personal, human touch.



Digital & Physical Campus Features

  • Extremely small class sizes, mostly 10-15 students and in some cases 18-25 students, depending on the subject and programme
  • Individual mentoring of students by lecturers and programme leaders
  • Comprehensive feedback from lecturers throughout the class and programme
  • Use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to provide course materials and support
  • Access to digital libraries and resources


Digital & Physical Campus Learning:

  • Real-time classes within a video conferencing platform allowing for class discussions, group breakout work, the use of presentation screens and whiteboards to share ideas
  • Predominantly project-based assignments, along with some assessed examinations used for evaluating your success and grades
  • Workshops, guest lectures and collaborative project work
  • Class content will be a mix of project and lecture time, depending on the nature of the subject and the particular class
  • A number of lectures may be pre-recorded, to be watched as many times as you like before or after lessons, allowing for real-time classrooms to focus on discussion and group projects


Digital & Physical Campus Student Experience:

  • Full access to all student services, health and well-being support
  • Career Fair, Visiting Artists Lectures, Master Speaker and Industry Network events
  • Social events, including parties and "pub" quizzes
  • Societies where students pursue common interests
  • Student led initiatives


PCU is committed to the highest quality teaching, learning and student experience, either through face-to-face teaching or via our Digital Campus. We prepare resilient and responsive graduates, ready for the challenges of a global career. 

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