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Summer School - Ethics, Morality and Society

Ethics, Morality and Society

Format: Online / Hybrid

This course will explore ethical complexities that are often encountered in the workplace.

The purpose of this course is to explore some issues from the landscape of ethical complexities that one may encounter in their professional life. Business managers, marketing experts, sales representatives, accountants, employers, or civil servants might not think about themselves as practical philosophers, but they really are. All have encountered or will encounter in their professional lives some normative issues relating to discrimination, responsibility, trust, manipulation, or integrity, to just name a few.

They might not explicitly think about such issues in terms of existing moral theories or philosophical arguments but they will be ultimately deciding based on some philosophical assumptions that could be articulated, explored and assessed.

This course aims to explore some of these issues and various perspectives that can be taken. It will create a habit of searching for the underlying moral assumptions when holding certain positions as well as provide alternative arguments for different positions. By doing so, it will create a deeper insight on the issues in question as well as understanding of arguments for alternative positions.


Learning Objectives:
1. To understand the place of ethics in business
2. To explore the responsibilities of business to society
3. To investigate moral and ethical dilemmas when conducting business
4. To explore the ethics of an organisation.

When: 20 June to 8 July 2022

Format: Online / Hybrid

Class schedule: Monday to Thursday - 09:00-12:30. Could be subject to change.  

Price: 12,000 CZK

Lecturer: Marek Kocak

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