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Summer School - Studio Painting

Studio Painting

Format: Hybrid, Bishop's Court Campus

Take an innovative online studio painting course designed for students who are interested in learning a variety of tools, techniques, materials and processes involved in contemporary painting.


No previous experience is required!

The course provides unrivalled access to various forms of learning material and allows you to study painting in a way that is engaging and vibrant. Classes will be combining live demonstrations, individual and group exercises, virtual museum tours and one-to-one support from an expert academic tutor and arts practitioner.

During these weeks we will explore together colours and textures, line quality and shadows, composition and perspective, discuss the techniques utilised by master painters of the past and present. We will paint using different materials including acrylic paint, watercolour, ink, paper and canvas as well as a variety of experimental media. You will learn how to loosen up your brushstrokes and use mistakes as a powerful tool for your art. 

You will be assisted in your self-sustained exploration of painting and become part of a thriving international student community working from our campus in Prague or directly from your home studio. 


At the end of the course you will complete and refine a series of paintings, united by common technique or topic.

In the course you will study themes such as:

  • Volume, depth, shadows and highlights
  • Line quality
  • Composition, foreground-background relationship
  • Atmospheric and linear perspective
  • Scale and proportion
  • Still life, landscape, self-portrait
  • Storytelling and Illustration
  • Naturalism, realism, abstraction
  • Action painting and improvisation
  • Old master copy and interpretation
  • Fundamentals of digital art
  • Psychology of art: the importance of mistakes


You will work 4 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, over three weeks.

*How can online studio painting be possible? It is, our students have been attending all art and design classes online without interruption. Franco has adapted his teaching to online instruction through clever use of cameras and conferencing software, giving you a real-time studio experience. You can read about our student/teacher experience here

When: 20 June to 8 July 2022

Format: In-person

Class schedule: Monday to Thursday, 10:00 - 14:00 CET.  
The start time is subject to change

Price: 12,000 CZK

Class Teacher: Franco Hüller 

franco-hullerFranco Hüller is an Italian visual artist who has experimented in the fields of painting, photography, installations, performances and video art. Franco graduated in 1999 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (Italy), specialising in painting. His works have been shown in more than 20 solo exhibitions across Europe. Since 2013, Franco has been a teacher of Art and Design at Prague College. In 2017 he was promoted to Foundation Programme Leader in the School in Art & Design. See more about Franco at www.francohuller.com.

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