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Last chance for a September start!

We are accepting applications from Czech and EU residents for a 25 September 2023 start.

Please get in touch below to find out just what is available. 


Teaching English to the World

From September our Bachelor’s in Education: Teaching English as a Foreign Language degree will also be offered fully in English. In previous years, the programme has been running with several theoretical modules taught in Czech. 

Along with the programme student's are encouraged to sit for the Cambridge CELTA certificate. In combination, these two qualifications are highly sought after and open limitless opportunities to teach English at private and public schools and institutions internationally.

Inside the Classroom

Take at look at our latest video series, Inside the Classroom, for a behind-the-scenes look at students studying Contemporary Marketing Practices as part of their BA (Honours) in International Management and BA (Hons) International Finance and Business Accounting programmes.

See BA (Hons) International Finance & Business Accounting →

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School of Business Doctoral and Fellowship Awards

Key faculty from PCU’s School of Business have recently achieved doctoral and professorship titles, as well as fellowship awards. Under the direction of Dr Stefano Cavagneto, the School of Business has continued to advance its research activities and established new partnerships with universities and businesses..

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PCU’s University Partner Network Expands

PCU has recently signed several significant Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with a number of universities. By signing these MoUs, PCU is able to create a platform for meaningful engagement and long-term partnerships with other universities around the world.

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Quirky & Innovative: meet three graduates who featured in the School of Art & Design exhibitions 

They are young, brave, talented and not afraid to show their perspective on the world. The work from School of Art & Design graduates present a comprehensive and critical view of the world that inspires all generations. See work from the recent exhibitions and meet three of these graduates; Nadiya, Natália and Emma, with the ambition to work in the arts and creative spheres.


Alternate pathways to an undergraduate degree

1-year Foundation Diplomas provide students with the knowledge to make an informed decision regarding their choice of Bachelor's degree.

Worldwide, Foundation Diplomas are growing in popularity, with many universities encouraging students to complete a foundation year before committing to a Bachelor’s programme. PCU offers two Foundation Diplomas including a Foundation Diploma in Business

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It's time to Adapt! 

PCU's Living Futures Annual Theme initiative delves into the complex realm of global challenges by encouraging interdisciplinary exploration of a central theme. For the 2023-24 academic year, faculty have selected a one-word theme “Adapt”. Adapt will filter through activities and events within and beyond the curriculum and encompass various topics such as technological advancements, global challenges, evolving work environments, and mental resilience. Adapt embodies a spirit of resilience, flexibility, and forward thinking. It also recognises that change is not only inevitable but also an opportunity for growth, innovation and success. You can read more about last year's theme, Media, Post-Truth & Reality below.

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Peter Howe Joins PCU

Peter Howe, Executive Director for PCU, has officially begun his role in June. He is responsible for the management and operations of the university in support of our strategic vision, with an emphasis on students as: ‘they are the why, of all that we do’.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is the sixth pillar of PCU’s core values. Sustainable principles guide activities across the university and is reinforced in the curriculum, in activities, on campus, over projects, research and knowledge transfer. The primary goal is for a healthier society and environment, ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations.

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Sustainability Reporting Presentation at CCHBC Extract.001
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