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From Global Englishes to bot-English. Language use in the era of AI.


GEs/ELF/WEs Paradigms Bridging • ELF Research in the Classroom • Present & Future of Englishes • AI and Theory & Usage of English • Bilingual Education • CLIL/EMI • English in conflict zones/crisis situations/refugee contexts and more

ELF researchers have had a successful series of thirteen international ELF conferences so far. On behalf of the ELF community, we would like to invite you to ELF14 2024, Prague, Czech Republic. ELF14. From Global Englishes to bot-English. Language change in the era of AI suggests we will — among other things — reflect on linguistic and cultural implications of AI’s fast progress for both theorizing, teaching, and learning languages, especially English as a global lingua franca. Apart from ‘traditional’ (applied-)linguistic disciplines, we would like to bring in novel interdisciplinary impulses from neuroscience to modern technologies, cultural & literary studies, philosophy, and business. We also welcome contributions from all ELF strands with a specific focus on transferring theory into teaching practice. Two years after meeting in Taiwan, we look forward to welcoming our thriving international ELF/Global Englishes/WEs communities in the heart of Europe, in September 2024.


PhDr. Veronika Quinn Novotná, Ph.D. — English Programme Leader (Prague City University)
Mgr. Jiřina Dunková — Independent researcher

Confirmed Guest Speakers

Univ. – Prof. ao. Univ. – Prof. i. R. Mag. Dr. Barbara Seidlhofer, University of Vienna
Hon. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. H. G. Widdowson
Prof. Dr. Alice Gruber, University of Applied Sciences — Hochschule Augsburg
Dr. Mario Saraceni, University of Portsmouth
Dr. Andrew Blair, University of Sussex
Dr. Alessia Cogo, Goldsmiths — University of London
Dr. Martin Dewey, King’s College London
Dr. Nicola Galloway
Dr. Nicos Sifakis

Scientific Committee

Dr. Andrew Blair, University of Sussex
Assoc. Prof. Enrico Grazzi, University of Roma Tre
Dr. Alessia Cogo
Prof. Wenli Tsou
Dr. Martin Dewey
Assoc. Prof. Inmaculada Pineda Hernandez