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Open Days  
How to apply  
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Education beyond the classroom

PCU students are encouraged to continue their learning experience outside the classroom and explore areas more deeply within their programme as well as beyond their discipline. We take advantage of our central location and where possible undertake co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to explore and engage in the local region and beyond. Not only is this facilitated by the city of Prague and spaces students can benefit from, but also through a number of other means. 

University-wide enrichment courses

PCU programmes offer well-rounded education in a student’s chosen field of study. To supplement this, PCU offers enrichment courses, which broadens learning and critical thinking beyond a student's specialisation. 

Prague City Architecture Walks

Explore the city on a deeper level and learn about Prague's rich history.  Open to PCU students, alumni and lecturers, together students will unmask the architectural treasures and stories of Prague.

Walks include:

  • City Centre from Medieval to Modern
  • Prague Castle Courtyards & Gardens
  • Mala Strana & the 30 Year War
  • Historicism & Art Nouveau
  • Modernism the Second World War (1930s) through to Contemporary

In addition, we arrange cultural events, tourist excursions and walking trips within the Czech Republic. This helps students build an affinity with their host country, or to get to know their home country better, encourages them to keep active and foster friendships within the PCU community.

Trips have also been organised to destinations such as Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Venice and further afield for museum and gallery visits, conferences, seminars and more. Two such examples are students from Graphic Design, who have regular opportunities to attend workshops at our partner school Designschule in Munich and our bi-annual trip to the Venice Biennale.


Digital Campus

The Digital Campus is PCU’s fourth campus and an integral part of the distance learning programmes. This digital platform was successfully utilised to run classes across all programmes during the pandemic, and continues to be an asset for distance learning students, offering a self-paced and hybrid study alternative to in person classes.

Living Futures

As part of the Living Futures initiative there is an annual theme which is chosen by the committee based on topical and pertinent issues to the student body that also affect the entire community. The theme drives learning and teaching, influences research projects and community engagement, across the university and beyond.


Student Engagement

Importantly, at PCU we believe in the power of our students and peer-to-peer learning. Peer reviews form part of numerous programmes’ assessments and an open dialogue is encouraged amongst the student body. Collaboration is key not only in completing programme assignments, but to learn about one another and the world around us.

Keynote Events

At PCU we offer a whole range of opportunities for students to showcase their work at regular exhibitions and events, and to develop their professional skills and networking opportunities through lectures, external seminars and conferences.

We also encourage students to enjoy their time at PCU, and regularly organize parties, concerts and an activities-packed Welcome Week to help everyone adjust and feel at home.


We hold regular exhibitions showcasing our Art & Design students’ work at all three campuses, and also in the form of digital exhibitions.

For example, in their first semester, Foundation students studying Art, Design and Media Practice present each week at the Friday Show, giving all PCU students the chance to see a new skill that their fellow students have developed that week.

And every year we celebrate the creative achievements of our graduating students in Art & Design, and Creative Media Production. Held at the end of the Spring semester, these degree exhibitions provide an opportunity to show work to family, friends, potential employers, clients and the general public.


Conferences and Seminars

PCU organizes conferences and seminars independently and with industry partners, offering students the opportunity to network and learn directly from industry professionals. Recent events have been the anti-bribery seminar jointly organized by the School of Business and Luca Prague and the International Business Forum's Real Estate Seminar both of which drew professionals from across Europe.


Visiting Speakers

PCU is unique in that it offers a speaker series for each of the four Schools. The speakers are both local and international and are chosen for their professional and innovative viewpoints. You can read more about each speaker series here:


PCU Parties and Welcome Week

PCU has an incredibly talented student body who are keen to share those talents with the community. In the early months of the global pandemic, students from across all Schools joined with PCU to throw the first ever livestream DJ party in Prague. Students went on to embrace the livestream format by organising regular concerts featuring musicians, singers, dancers and even a live demonstration of how to make traditional Christmas Cookies!


As we transitioned back to normal life after the global pandemic, we continue to showcase not only our student's talents but that of our lecturers, who along with student DJs and musicians performed in their various bands for a Welcome to Semester party at Prague's famous Cross Club.

In addition, the PCU community meet for events such as Halloween, Christmas Parties and the fun-packed Welcome week which takes place twice a year.


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