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Industry Network Partners

The PCU Industry Network is for organisations who wish to build a professional relationship with our university to enable shared professional and academic initiatives. By sharing resources and cooperating on various projects, we not only strengthen our respective institutions, but also establish a strong foundation in supporting students’ continued success beyond graduation.

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Members also benefit from direct connections to potential employees from our talent pool of current students, recent graduates, and our growing Alumni Association. In addition, we can incorporate your company projects into our classrooms. This has the potential to provide real-world solutions while giving our students exposure to professional scenarios, experience with deadlines, work environments, expectations and a preview into the careers that they are working towards.

Events like our Career Fair are an opportunity for partners to present internships, part-time work, and trainee programmes to students. In addition to these events, we regularly run seminars and workshops that are geared towards professional development, CV/Resume creation, and networking skills development that often involve industry network partners.

IN partner benefits

  • Access to students and graduate talent pool
  • Setting up professional projects for students
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Workshop/seminar opportunities
  • PCU Lecturer guest speaker/moderator role for your company event
  • Invitations to academic, professional and social events
  • Sponsoring or contributing to PCU events
  • Promotion of your company’s events to PCU students
  • An automatic invitation to our yearly Career Fair
  • Potential networking and business opportunities within our Industry Network
  • Collaboration on fundraising initiatives
  • Rental or use of our space for your event/workshop
  • Sponsorship and scholarship contribution
  • Discounts for employees who study with us

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Student benefits

  • Hands-on experience and training
  • Internship opportunities
  • On-site work experience
  • Trusted companies/partners to pursue
  • Career Fair presentations
  • Regular offers on our Digital Job Board

Current Members


International brewing company, logistics, marketing


Technologies and Management Consulting Group


Credit Bureau and business information


Design Collective


Urban Planning/Sustainable Architecture


IT Solutions


Marketing Agency


Business support centre for petroleum products & investments


Recruitment Agency


Medical, Pharmaceutical and Consumer packaged goods


Financial planning
and consultancy


IT and Global Services


Cultural Festival promoters


News Radio Broadcasters

SAP_R_grad (2)

Software enterprise application


Web application developers


Global developer and operator
of shopping centres


Video Game Developer