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Education for Sustainable Development

When we talk about sustainability, we’re not just talking about plastics. For PCU, sustainable development is a complete philosophy connecting society, the economy, the environment and educational values. We want to help make the world better for future generations, matching our educational objective of lifelong learning.

We take our direction from this sentence in a key UNESCO report of 2019:

“ESD empowers learners to take informed decisions and responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society, for present and future generations, while respecting cultural diversity. It is about lifelong learning, and is an integral part of quality education.”
UNESCO, 2019

What is ESD at Prague City University?

  • not solely about environmental issues, but about the connections between economic, social and environmental factors
  • a lens that permits us to look critically at how the world is and to envisage how it might be and equips us to deliver that vision
  • a way to develops competencies, skills and values linking subject knowledge across all academic disciplines to create and pursue visions of a better world
    Adapted from “Education for Sustainable Development”, QAA, 2021

School of Business develop essential business skills programme for Unibail-Roadamco-Westfield's CSR project

School of Business faculty partnered with URW to deliver ‘Follow Your Dreams - Jdi za svým snem’ CSR programme. The programme is an intensive, practical programme devised to develop employability skills that help graduates achieve steady, long-term employment. Students are a mix of school graduates, mothers on parental leave and those wishing to seek new career opportunities.

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Repairing Unwanted Laptops

In 2019 students from the School of Media and IT took part in a charitable sustainability project when they sourced unwanted laptops and reconditioned them and gave them to children in need attending an elementary school outside of Prague.

BSc (Hons) Computing student Kristi spoke on behalf of the students ‘Our aim is to help through gathering, fixing up and then donating old unwanted laptops with the purpose of enabling children in need to learn valuable skills such as coding, which can later in life help them land a job’.

Sustainable Agriculture

For his final dissertation, School of Business student Julien Moigno chose to focus on growing consumer concern regarding the environmental impacts of agricultural production. The key challenge for agri-business is to develop new approaches and strategies which satisfy the needs of production, the consumer and the environment. With sustainable agriculture only forming a marginal element of the overall industry, there is a great need to change to more sustainable models. Julien’s research identified that currently, sustainability does not form a core component of agri-business strategy, even though awareness of its impacts is acknowledged and greater efforts need to be made.

Computing student writes app to help refugees

Ahmed Ebeid completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computing at Prague College (now PCU). We asked him about his work for his BSc thesis which was the development of a web app to assist volunteer groups working with refugees in Germany.

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Master's Future Design student designs self-sustained energy system for cities

Zhyldyz's project envisages a future in which energy systems in cities are more interconnected but also more self-sufficient. Her project proposes a citywide, multi scale energy network that collects, distributes, and stores natural resources and energy, creating exchanges that reduce waste and emissions and thereby resemble an ecosystem.

PCU Industry and Community Engagement

PCU continues its commitment to sustainability by joining the British Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Working Group which meets several times a year to develop and present policy ideas to government.

We also choose to partner with businesses who share a similar commitment to sustainable practice. 

If you would like to be a part of our sustainability initiative and have your business work with us then please get in touch.