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Open Days  
How to apply  
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Your time at university is a wonderful opportunity to meet with new friends, discover new interests and launch new careers. Prague City University supports you in these very important endeavours by supporting student-led societies, ensuring you get the most from your experience as a student.

International Student Association


The International Student Association is a community of PCU Czech and international students who meet, share experiences, organise trips, events and much more!

ISA’s mission is to:

  • Help students meet new people and make friends
  • Provide a sense of community and international family
  • Share different cultures and help others understand new cultures
  • Support international students in their integration to PCU, Prague and Czech culture
  • Organize events and trips within ISA and for the whole PCU community
  • ...and much more - come share YOUR IDEAS with us!
ISA is open to any Czech and international student interested in participating in meetings and activities, and membership is free!
President: Mikhaela, Events Manager: Vania
Instagram: @isa_pcu

GOS-SIP: Tea Enthusiasts Association

GOS-SIP Society's main objective is to attempt to establish and/or maintain control over the college and personal life balance. Some of you may notice that students enjoy spending time together, however, commonly, it is difficult to manage something outside of school, for once we cross the threshold of the college, everybody has always 'no time'.
Through informal debates and conversations, with tea as the unifying factor, the society aims to improve well-being, help with emotional discharge, and lead to 'socialisation under no pressure'.

RUNAWAY: Fashion Society

RUNAWAY Fashion Society

Can you sew, knit or crochet? Are you into handmade jewellery? Are you interested in expanding your creativity in the textile field? We are looking for experienced ones and those who want to learn too so that we can share each others knowledge and skills. 

We have some essentials like balls of cotton, crochet hook, one sewing machine, but you are more than welcome to bring your own stuff.

lumière: photography society


“lumière” the photography society is a student society at Prague City University, with the aim of studying, exploring, and experiencing photography as a hobby and as an art form. Starting a new life in a new city is an amazing and mesmerising experience for an individual, and what better way to start the student life by taking some amazing aesthetic photographs!

We as a society wish to explore the medium of photography as a means of self-expression and the mode of documentation of our daily lives. We strive to achieve an all-inclusive and free space for people from diverse culture, backgrounds and experiences can come together to interact and create photographs.

Following are activities which our society wishes to start to create a magical experience for everyone:
1. Exhibitions
2. Debates and Discussions
3. Photowalks around Prague
4. Competitions
5. Workshops and Guest Lectures
6. Film Screenings
We strive to capture the right moment in the right light. We are “lumière” the photography society of Prague City University, we Chase the Light!

Youtube Shorts
Lumière - Photography Society
0:30 MIN
prabhu lumiere
Introduction to Lumière by Prabhu
2:50 MIN
Leader: Prabhu 
Sign-up and more info: prabhu.tiwari@praguecityuniversity

Instagram: @lumiere_pcu 

Sports Club

The PCU Sports Club is a community of different PCU students who are looking to keep or start an active lifestyle. We organise events, games and all kinds of sport related activities.
Our mission is:
  • Help students meet new people and make friends
  • Provide a sense of community
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Create interesting and fun sports events inside and around the school
We welcome all people and all kinds of SPORTS!

Ceramic Society


Ceramic Society is a space for people, that want to start or continue on creating anything they want from clay. It could be an artwork, cup, plate, holder, anything that comes to your mind. The main idea is that you are creating surrounded by people with the same interest, so you can easily ask for advice or help. Doesn’t matter if you have any experience or not, feel free to join. 

The Ceramic Society holds regular events. See our events page for details →

Unmute: Music Society


Do you listen to music? Do you love music? Do you live music? Then you're speaking our language mate! Join us for meetings, courses, games, guest artists, music-sharing sessions, and more! 

You can also check out our Spotify playlists here →

Leaders: Sam and Anya
Sign-up and more information: sam.sziranyi@praguecityuniversity.cz

Want to start your own Society at Prague City University?

Each society is meant to provide our community with student driven initiatives and activities that embrace diversity across interests, skills, culture, entertainment, academics, and professionalism. These societies are meant to be inclusive and open to new members. Members may have advanced skills and experience in their related field, but students that wish to learn more or gain the associated skills are welcome to join. Overall, each society is meant to be a fun way to make friends, share experiences, and be active! 

If you would like to establish a society of your own, please contact student.services@praguecityuniversity.cz. We will give you insight on the requirements and materials you will need to get started.

Former Societies:

  • Ukrainian Society
  • Chess Society
  • Developer Student Clubs
  • Blockchain Society
  • Czech Out Art
  • Czech Out Running
  • Basketball
  • The Humanities Society (PCHS)

If you have any questions please feel free to email the Student Services team at student.services@pcu.cz. We are happy to help!