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Your time at university is a wonderful opportunity to meet with new friends, discover new interests and launch new careers. Prague City University supports you in these very important endeavours by helping you get the most from your experience as a student here.

International Student Association

The International Student Association is a community of PCU international students who meet regularly in order to share experiences of living abroad. ISA holds regular activities, organises trips and events, and is a great way to make friends and discover the culture of the Czech Republic.

ISA’s mission is to:

  • Help students meet new people and make friends
  • Share our different cultures and help others understand new cultures
  • Discuss positive and negative moments of studying and living abroad
  • Introduce students to the Societies, events, activities
  • Provide a sense of community and international family. 

ISA is open to any international student interested in participating in meetings and activities, and membership is free! Join us on Facebook.

Current Societies


Unmute Music Society

This music society focuses on local events, listen sessions, discussion, and potentially even performances. All genres welcome! It is also home to Study Break*, a student-based DJ night with the purpose of inspiring interest in listening to, mixing, beat matching, and producing, electronic music. Join the Facebook group to take part. 


Czech Out Yoga

Students are welcome to join weekly yoga sessions with Nelli, a qualified yoga instructor and Head of Student Services. The class is are open to all levels of ability, including beginners. You don't require anything except a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a bit of curiosity. If interested, please join the Facebook group Czech Out Yoga for updates and announcements.


Clay Society 

Would you like to try a pottery wheel or just get messy and creative with clay? Expand your skills and learn new creative ways to express yourself in infinite ways. Join our Instagram page and come meet with other PCU students who all share an interest in ceramics and pottery. We meet every week at PCU's Pragovka campus.




Welcome to the Czechmate - PCU's official gaming club. Join us anytime to enjoy your favourite board and video games with fellow students! The club has regular weekly meetings for board games activities.  What games would you like to play? What are your opinions on a given game? What is your feedback on the club? If it relates to games in any way, it's a valid topic! Please join us on Facebook and most importantly - enjoy!

Developer Student Clubs

Developer Student Clubs are university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies.  By joining a DSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community. So come join us here.


Blockchain Society

Welcome to the PCU Blockchain Society (PCBS). This is a society run and maintained by PCU students, its purpose it to provide students and staff a central sources of varied information relating to:

  • Events relating to the application of Blockchain technologies in various areas.
  • Accredited courses related to Blockchain education. 
  • Developing Blockchain related projects where relevant skills from IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting and Business are pooled together with a common aim.
  • Pitching projects for sources of funds and entering competitions.
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Czech Out Art

A place free from procrastination, that will help you develop not only the technical parts of art making, but also the creative aspects. Join us on Facebook.


Czech Out Running

Czech Out Running is for all those who like to run. Students who are interested to get together and go running are encouraged to organize themselves and go running wherever they want, how often they want. It’s up to you guys to get together and motivate each other. The Facebook group is a great place to make arrangements for anyone interested!

Want to start your own Society at Prague City University?

Each society is meant to provide our community with student driven initiatives and activities that embrace diversity across interests, skills, culture, entertainment, academics, and professionalism. These societies are meant to be inclusive and open to new members. Members may have advanced skills and experience in their related field, but students that wish to learn more or gain the associated skills are welcome to join. Overall, each society is meant to be a fun way to make friends, share experiences, and be active! 

If you would like to establish a society of your own, please contact student.services@praguecityuniversity.cz. We will give you insight on the requirements and materials you will need to get started.

Former Societies:

Czech Out Film
The Humanities Society (PCHS)

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