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How to apply  
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Campuses & City

Prague City University is exactly what its name says: a university of opportunity located in and inspired by one of Europe’s great capital cities. We are passionate about Prague: not only our PCU campuses, but also the student residences, cafes, cultural centres and green spaces. Education goes far beyond where you study: it’s where you live, where you eat, and the people you meet who help spark new ideas and directions.
For our 20th anniversary in 2024, we will embark on another exciting phase of development with the opening of our custom-designed main campus in the creative district of Pragovka.

City Centre Campus

In addition to classrooms the City Centre Campus is where you'll find PCU's main reception and administrative offices, library and student spaces. It occupies the first, second and fifth floors of the Hybernská Centrum building in 24 Hybernská street, directly opposite the Masaryk railway station and Náměstí Republiky metro line. The campus is located in the dynamic new quarter of Masaryčka which is undergoing swift urban development and renewal to house global businesses alongside public-friendly green spaces, cafes, study spaces and galleries.
In addition, just one block from the City Centre Campus is Kampus Hybernska, a student quarter offering a large cafe and outdoor garden, theatre, recording studio, lecture rooms and gallery spaces. Several buildings of the Czech Academy of Sciences are also within a block of PCU’s City Centre Campus, including the Institute of Czech Literature and the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Oriental Institute, Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Contemporary History, now undergoing comprehensive reconstruction. Both buildings provide public access, libraries, lecture rooms and a wide range of academic activities that complement our own academic and research endeavours.


Bishop's Court Campus

Bishop’s Court is located in the city centre. A dedicated art and design studio, it provides a dynamic space for classes, exhibitions, workshops, and a wide range of creative activities, many of them open to the public.


Pragovka campus

Pragovka is PCU’s third campus, located in the developing district of Vysočany in Prague 9. Our Postgraduate Studios provide the necessary space for students undertaking their Master’s in Fine Art. These studios also host regular exhibitions, workshops, and a wide range of creative activities.
In September 2024, the central wing of the renovated E-Factory will house our main campus. Pragovka has actively pursued a rich tenancy mix to create a collaborative and creative community. As the sole education partner within the project, PCU is central to the developer’s vision which will also include art studios and businesses. It will become a dynamic quarter with information exchange, shared resources and a rich programme of activities and events, alongside essential retail such as restaurants, bars, cafes and groceries.

Digital Campus

With a personal and human touch

Prague City University has a Digital Campus for online and distance learning, as well as three physical campuses in the centre of Prague for face-to-face instruction.


For more than a decade PCU has been delivering distance learning degree programmes using digital delivery, as well as entirely online tuition towards professional level qualifications. All of the programmes are structured to allow a number of classes to be taught through the Digital Campus, while using the physical campus for the majority of face-to-face teaching. 

We have technology in a number of our classrooms allowing our lecturers to simultaneously teach to students who are physically in the room and to students who join class through the video conferencing platform. Students in the physical classroom can interact with students in the digital campus classroom, creating a shared classroom experience in real-time.


The Digital Campus features small class sizes which allow our teachers during class to prioritise students, with an emphasis on individual attention and mentoring. This real-time interaction provides an immersive online experience with a personal, human touch.

Digital & Physical Campus Features

  • Extremely small class sizes, mostly 10-15 students and in some cases 18-25 students, depending on the subject and programme
  • Individual mentoring of students by lecturers and programme leaders
  • Comprehensive feedback from lecturers throughout the class and programme
  • Use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to provide course materials and support
  • Access to digital libraries and resources

Digital & Physical Campus Learning:

  • Real-time classes within a video conferencing platform allowing for class discussions, group breakout work, the use of presentation screens and whiteboards to share ideas
  • Predominantly project-based assignments, along with some assessed examinations used for evaluating your success and grades
  • Workshops, guest lectures and collaborative project work
  • Class content will be a mix of project and lecture time, depending on the nature of the subject and the particular class
  • A number of lectures may be pre-recorded, to be watched as many times as you like before or after lessons, allowing for real-time classrooms to focus on discussion and group projects

Food and Dining

The surroundings of the PCU campus are among the most dynamic and vibrant in Prague, with wide and varied options for lunch, dining, study and café culture. There are dozens of cafes, restaurants and bars, to suit all budgets. Below you will find a number of examples of where our students eat, meet other students and study, all within a very short walk of the university buildings.

Prague 1 - close to Bishop’s Court and City Centre Campuses

The ‘Petrská’ quarter near Bishop’s Court studios is home to one of Prague’s best Indian restaurants, ‘K The Two Brothers’, which offers genuinely fine dining in the atmosphere of a maharajah’s court. It’s not the cheapest place to eat, but perfect for special occasions. 
At the other end of the price-range is the popular ‘people’s eatery’ or Lidová jídelna Těšnov. Cheap, cheerful and Czech, this is the place to come for authentic European meat dishes such as schnitzel and goulash, but also a wide range of salads and desserts.
If you’re in a hurry and looking for a coffee and a quick sandwich, try the newly-opened Traffik, who specialize in exactly that. Run by two young entrepreneurs, it feels like a pop-up, but has rapidly become a permanent fixture in the Petrská area.
Prague’s four Las Adelitas restaurants in districts 1, 2 and 3 offer exceptional Mexican food and drink in a carnival atmosphere with one just a 2 minute walk away from Bishop's Court. The popular restaurants were set up by PCU alumnus Patricio Ibargüengoitia and now form an important part of the city’s Spanish-speaking community. ¡Buen Provecho!

Prague 9 - close to Pragovka Campus

A good place to start is Pragovka's own cafe, Kafe Pragovka, a restful haven for students, artists and visitors to the area, you can relax with light snacks and a wide arrange of beverages.

Or you can head down to the back of the Pragovka complex to Permanent Beer Fest, a large outdoor makeshift beer garden that advertises itself as the biggest craft beer garden in Central Europe! Burgers and other foods accompany a range of well-known and more unusual tap beers.

Pepř a Sůl (Pepper and Salt) is nearby and offers a modern bistro-style restaurant with good prices and consistently top-flight reviews from satisfied customers. There’s a wide range of Czech and international à la carte meals in the higher price range; but the polední (lunchtime) menu is just as good, and much more agreeable to your wallet!
Coloseum Vysočany is part of the well-known chain of mid-priced Italian restaurants scattered throughout the city. A wide range of pizza and pasta is on offer, along with salads and beautifully-crafted desserts. A loyalty card scheme operates between all locations.

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