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Dr Stefano Cavagnetto, Honorary Professor of Teesside University

We are delighted to announce that Dr Stefano Cavagnetto, Dean of PCU’s School of Business has been awarded the title of Honorary Professor by Teesside University. This is the highest honour available in the United Kingdom to individuals with whom a University wishes to collaborate with.

Read more to hear about Dr Cavagnetto's research plan for PCU and partner institutions.

Akcent & Prague College = PCU 

In June 2021, Akcent College and Prague College came together and became Prague City University. You can learn all about the transition through our students, Scy and Celina, in the video on your right, or click on the link below to learn more about the University's history!
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Introducing our living futures theme for the academic year

PCU's theme for the academic year is Media, Post-Truth and Reality. In a post-truth era of misinformation and fake news, where can we find information to base our decisions on? This question and others that relate to the theme will be explored by the PCU student community over the 2022/23 academic year. May it bring inspiration for discussions, projects, lectures and more!


Council of International Schools Member

PCU has been accepted as a member of the Council of International Schools, a global community of educational providers across 122 countries committed to high quality international education.

Membership enables faculty and staff the opportunity to partake in forums along with other educational providers to share best-practice ideas in education and support for international student communities.

Hana Lešenarová, Investigating the integrity of big business

We are delighted to welcome Hana Lešenarová to the School of Business Master Speaker Series on October 10.

A former Prague-based journalist, Hana has devoted her professional career to researching and investigating oligarchs and large businesses and assessing their exposure to financial crime and reputational risk. Hana worked in private intelligence consultancy in London for 10 years and in 2016 joined a specialized internal intelligence team in Deutsche Bank in Berlin.

She will share first-hand all about this fascinating and serious area of finance that challenges a businesses integrity, and how turn it has a roll on effect into politics, security and economic stability.

HubSpot Video


MA Future Design Projects

Six talented MA Future Design graduates exhibited their final projects at the MA graduate exhibition, Walk on the Wild side, on June 9th at Pragovka. You can learn about each of their projects by watching their video presentations such as Muneer's, an architect who has designed temporary housing units that can be easily assembled and reconfigured.

See more MA graduate videos →

Maia Horniak's short film opens Aussie Kiwi Film Festival

Maia, who is programme leader for the Creative Media Production programme had her short film Love Untitled, open the Aussie Kiwi Film Festival on 14 June at Kino Lucerna. "Love Untitled" is a poetic film that investigates the deeper emotions of love through the dreamscapes of a couple in the course of one day and night. Prague City University is also pleased to announce that we are a main partner of the Aussie Kiwi Film Festival.

Learn more


Introducing Professor Inna Makarenko

PCU is pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Inna Makarenko as a Principal Lecturer for the School of Business. Professor Makarenko will be teaching finance-oriented subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate level students. She has multidisciplinary research interests and a background in sustainability accounting, corporate transparency, responsible investment, and financial markets modelling.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is the sixth pillar of PCU’s core values. Sustainable principles guide activities across the university and is reinforced in the curriculum, in activities, on campus, over projects, research and knowledge transfer. The primary goal is for a healthier society and environment, ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations.

Read more →

Sustainability Reporting Presentation at CCHBC Extract.001

The Alumni Association Welcomes You!

Whether you graduated from Prague College or Akcent College, you become a member of the Prague City University Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is proud to continue connecting our diverse group of successful graduates and professionals from all over the world through regular events and activities.

Read more →

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