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Study with us this summer!

Choose from: Studio Painting and Website Design & Development

Over the course of three weeks you’ll learn content that’s industry relevant and designed for all levels including beginners in our studios and classrooms located in Prague’s historical centre.

We are also offering a Three-day Business Taster, tailored specifically for high school students who are interested in experiencing university life and exploring undergraduate business studies. 

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Inside the Classroom

Check out our latest video from the Inside the Classroom series showcasing third year BA (Hons) Creative Media Production students creating a promotional video for FK Říčany.

You can view more video content from the series including a behind-the-scenes look at students from the School of Business and the School of Art & Design.

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Subtile Transitions Conference

On April 4th and 5th, academics and creatives from the Czech Republic and around the world met in Prague to discuss the role of art in the preservation, transmission, and transformation of memory. The conference was organised by Branislava Kuburović from PCU’s School of Art and Design Faculty, Irena Řehořová and Ondřej Váša from the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University and was held at PCU’s Bishop’s Court Studios and Kampus Hybernská.


Italian Internships

PCU has signed a five year internship agreement with Consorzio TerrAntica headquartered in the city of Bari (Italy) and the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Puglia. The agreement allows for PCU students to undertake a paid internship in the hospitality tourism sector for one to three months over the summer months in Puglia, Italy.

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The Rise of AI in Finance: School of Business students and SAP join forces

Students from the School of Business are working together with SAP on a collaborative project. The primary objective of the partnership is to explore ways to streamline routine tasks seamlessly using AI to enable people to concentrate on strategic choices, creativity, and customer-oriented projects.

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Redefining Art Education 

From its early beginnings, PCU has had a reputation for offering the most renowned Art & Design programmes taught in English, and as such the School of Art & Design has continued to expand. Across all programmes students learn by undertaking real-world projects briefed by external partners; they organise their own exhibitions, and participate in workshops, field trips, festivals, and lectures outside of the traditional classroom setting. This also includes attending the School’s Visiting Artists Lecture series, a public event featuring distinguished artists and designers from both local and international creative fields who come to the university campus to share their insights.


Art Facilitation workshop to assist the artistic growth of neurodiverse individuals and those with intellectual disabilities.

Adapting to AI

In December, the School of Media & IT held a mini conference called "A.I. ADAPT - Transforming work in tech and media". The conference sought to explore and discuss the potential contributions of AI in the Media & IT industries and challenge those who may have reservations or limited understanding of its capabilities. Given that AI is undeniably a part of our future, the faculty aimed to spark excitement and encourage open dialogue about embracing and adapting to this transformative era.

Graduation Ceremony 2023

On Saturday 4th November, Prague City University graduates and their families gathered at the National House in Vinohrady to celebrate the successful completion of studies and awarding of diplomas and degrees.

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Insight into IT Operations with Alexandru Ureche from the Adecco Group

Invited as a guest speaker for the School of Media & IT's Media Innovation and Technology Lecture Series (MITS), Alexandru is Global Head of Command & Control Centre at the Adecco Group.
His lecture addressed Bachelor's and Master's level Computing students and covered IT Operations, Cybersecurity and Support, shedding light on the intricate workings of systems that often go unnoticed by users.

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It's time to Adapt!

PCU's Living Futures Annual Theme initiative delves into the complex realm of global challenges by encouraging interdisciplinary exploration of a central theme. For the 2023-24 academic year, faculty have selected a one-word theme “Adapt”. Adapt will filter through activities and events within and beyond the curriculum and encompass various topics such as technological advancements, global challenges, evolving work environments, and mental resilience. Adapt embodies a spirit of resilience, flexibility, and forward thinking. It also recognises that change is not only inevitable but also an opportunity for growth, innovation and success. You can read more about last year's theme, Media, Post-Truth & Reality below.

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