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Financing and Scholarships

Scholarships at Prague City University

Applicants for full-time or blended learning programmes at Prague City University are eligible to apply for a scholarship covering up to 50% of tuition fees for all undergraduate programmes and Master's programmes. Scholarships can be awarded for either a single academic year or the duration of the whole programme.

There are also financial benefits available for professional students who have their studies sponsored by their employer. Please see the 'Financing' section below.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded for outstanding academic achievement and/or engagement in an academic context.


"I received a scholarship for academic excellence to study International Finance and Business Accounting. This is helping me to pursue my studies in International Business. When I complete my studies I plan to become a certified Tax Advisor."

Shamilah Babáková, BA (Hons) International Finance and Business Accounting

Academic Excellence Progression Scholarships

All Bachelor's degree graduates of any programme at Prague City University will automatically receive an academic excellence scholarship if they decide to continue onto a Master’s degree within the first year of finishing a Bachelor’s degree. The scholarship amount depends on the final classification of the Bachelor's degree.


"After completing BSc (Hons) Computing, PCU awarded me with a Graduate Scholarship in Academic Excellence. I’m now continuing my studies in International Management to develop my managerial skills. My goal is to combine my knowledge from both degrees to secure a Technology and Information Management role at a global company."

Donnel Mandimika, BSc (Hons) Computing graduate, MSc International Management student

Social Engagement Scholarships

The social engagement scholarship is awarded for voluntary or school activities, or more generally for positive community engagement in society. At Master's level we also take into consideration applicants' work experience and contributions in the workplace.


"I was able to earn a scholarship from PCU in the beginning of my studies thanks to demonstrating various social engagement and voluntary activities I'd done in the past. At PCU I've had the chance to help out and engage in different activities and events which are very enjoyable and fulfill my scholarship requirements at the same time."

Stanislava Houdková, BA (Hons) Graphic Design student

Professional Excellence and Social Entrepreneurship award for Blended Learning students

For this award we are looking primarily for exceptional achievement in a professional and social context, as well as leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Evidence from the fields of business, IT or humanitarian engagement will be recognized.

"As a working professional in the IT sector, I was able to receive a professional excellence scholarship from PCU which enabled me to pursue my Master's in Computing. Achieving my Master's degree will help my career as I have gained a broader and deeper understanding of several different areas in IT resulting in higher efficiency and faster communication across my different teams at work. It will also assist with career progression, all while I achieve good knowledge outside of my specialisation helping me better orientate in areas I am less familiar with."

Natálie Dvořanová, MSc Computing student

Bursary for Professional Students

If you are employed by a company which agrees to contribute towards your blended programme studies, Prague City University will match a contribution from your employer, capped at 20% of the total tuition fee.

For example, if your company offers to pay 10% of fees, PCU will also pay 10%, reducing your own costs to only 80%. And if a company offers to pay 50% of the fees, PCU will still contribute 20%, meaning you pay only 30% of the total tuition fee.

Note: Applicants who apply for and are successfully awarded a scholarship are not eligible to benefit from this bursary, even if their company agrees to cover the cost of their tuition fees.

Support for local students

We also have a special fund to support students coming from Czech-language and Slovak-language secondary schools and universities. Please ask about this during the admissions process.

Refugee Scholarship

Prague City University gives out scholarships annually to applicants who have refugee status in the Czech Republic. 

Scholarships for Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection in Czech Republic

In 2022 we committed to 25 full scholarships for students from Ukraine who wish to start their studies. For 2023, we awarded a further 5 full scholarships. If you are interested in a scholarship at PCU and hold a valid Czech Temporary Protection visa then we welcome you to get in touch with our Admissions team.

Applying for a Scholarship

All scholarship applications should be made at the time of applying to a programme. A scholarship application letter is required, accompanied by supporting evidence.

When assessing applications, the Scholarship Committee looks at the leadership qualities of the applicant as well as their potential to succeed in their chosen programme at Prague City University.

All scholarship winners will become Student Ambassadors, an opportunity to develop different skills while engaging in a range of activities and events for the university community.


At PCU there are no application fees and payment plans can be arranged with our Finance Department. Many students have their studies sponsored by family, state funding, or receive support from their company.

Government Funding

In some countries government funding is available to support students studying abroad. Students from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and others, have all successfully gained funding from their home countries to be able to support their studies at PCU.

If you think you may be eligible for funding from your home country do not hesitate to ask for our advice and support regarding any documentation you might need. We offer administrative support for students applying for loans, bursaries and grants to help fund their studies.

Industry Network discount

If you work for a company which is part of our Industry Network, you qualify for an automatic 10% discount, regardless of whether you or your company are paying for tuition.

The Industry Network discount cannot be used in conjunction with a scholarship.

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