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How to apply  
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School of Business:
Enterprise and Engagement

The School of Business regularly engages with business and industry to ensure that programme content remains relevant to each new set of graduates. It’s why we invite leading specialists and employers into the classroom - not only for students to learn from directly, but to help open doors to internships and jobs.

And it’s why our students engage in the community, participating in activities - social, environmental, and global. In turn, these ideas find their way into creative projects and research, enriching the complete educational experience.


Following are a selection of completed industry-based projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as a sample of ongoing projects based on industry requirements:

Undergraduate Projects

Matej P.
Investigation on behalf of
online retailers of consumers’ attitudes to digital security and its impact on decision-making in the Czech Republic. 

Veronika P.
Investigation into the process of attraction and recruitment in Czech companies.

Maros T.
Sustainability strategy for Plastipak Czech Republic.

Radik S.
CCHBC Sustainability and Environmental Impact report for Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC).

Postgraduate Projects

Dominika D.
Diversity as an attractor for public sector organizations in Bohemia.

Tatiana E.
Attraction and Recruitment in the Czech IT sector.

Tomas B.
Marketing Strategy for Shopping Mall Centrum Krakov.

Francesco P.
Robo Advising and Investments using Fintech Technologies. An exploration of the use of Fintech technologies in Robo Advising for First Bank, Romania; ROBO Financing in Crypto Investments.

Ongoing Projects

Erick D.
To explore the association with the LGBT+ community and brand enhancement for targeting millennials in Prague. The purpose of the research is to examine whether brands' association with the LGBT community would assist brands in marketing to young consumers, and the importance of creating strategic associations with the community.

Manuel M.
To understand employment opportunities and experience for the physically disabled in São Paulo, Brazil. The purpose of this research is to examine the experience of the physically disabled in gaining work in Sao Paulo, through looking at employer attitudes to employing disabled people, and to propose guidelines and processes for bettering their employment opportunities.

Adelaida G.
Developing a scheme to incorporate un-adopted young adults into the working world in Manizales, Colombia. The purpose of the research is to examine potential for gaining support of local employers to offer post-care support in terms of employment/housing for young people outside the care system to help them integrate, rather than end up on the streets involved in drugs and crime.

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