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Open Days  
How to apply  
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Bachelor's in Education Scholarships

We are delighted to introduce our first Czech-accredited degree, the Bachelor’s degree in Education: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, with a three-year grant and scholarship programme of at least 7.2 million Kč for entrants.

School of Education Grants

If you graduated from a Czech or Slovak secondary school with Maturita and/or you are currently working in a Czech or Slovak school, then you are automatically eligible for a grant of 70,000 Kč per year.

The grant is valid for the duration of the programme, subject to satisfactory academic performance. There is no need to apply for the grant as it will be automatically available to the first 20 successful applicants, for whom we have designated funding of 3.6 million Kč.


School of Education Scholarships

If you are eligible for the grant and also hold Czech or Slovak citizenship, then thanks to a further designated scholarship fund of 3.6 million Kč for the first 20 students, you can receive an automatically awarded scholarship. When combined with the grant, this makes the tuition fee 35,500 per semester for blended learning students and 40,000 per semester for full-time students, for the duration of the programme.

Other applicants are also encouraged to apply for a merit and need-based scholarship.

Scholarship requests are considered from all applicants, and are allocated based on your previous academic and/or professional results, your engagement with the community around you, and your engagement with your previous or current place of study and/or work. 

You could be awarded a scholarship of up to 50% of the tuition fees, which is a saving of up to 106,000 Kč per year. 

Additional consideration is given to applicants’ current social and economic conditions, with our priority to support outstanding students who would otherwise not be able to study for financial reasons.

All scholarship applications are made at the same time as applying for the programme.

The first 20 Czech and Slovak students pay 35,500 Kč or 40,000 Kč per semester depending on the study format, thanks to PCU funding.


For further details, please get in touch with us on admissions@praguecityuniversity.cz and we will be happy to help. 

Apply now to start in September!

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