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Education beyond the classroom

PCU students are encouraged to continue their learning experience outside the classroom and explore areas more deeply within their programme as well as beyond their discipline. Not only is this facilitated by the city of Prague and spaces students can benefit from (see City Plus), but also through a number of other means.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has been introduced to support skills acquisition both inside and outside a student’s programme of study. With a full catalogue of content to choose from, students can further develop skills related to their subject area or access additional materials to assist them in mastering a concept or skill for one of their assignments. Additionally, students have access to materials to explore other areas that may be of interest to them or complement their studies.


University-wide elective classes

PCU programmes offer well-rounded education in a student’s chosen field of study. To supplement this, PCU offers elective classes, which students are encouraged to take to broaden their learning and critical thinking beyond their field. The inaugural class was Prague City Architecture, soon to be followed by Applied Philosophy, a space for consideration and discussion about the issues and events in the world around us.


Prague City Architecture

Under the umbrella of Learning Plus, PCU announces the first in a series of elective courses with the launch of Prague City Architecture. Starting Friday November 5, this free weekly course is open to PCU students, alumni and lecturers and will help unmask the architectural treasures and historical stories of Prague.

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Digital Campus

The Digital Campus is PCU’s fourth campus and an integral part of the blended learning programmes. Successfully utilized to offer tuition across all programmes during the pandemic, the Digital Campus will continue to be an asset to all PCU students. It offers the opportunity for self-paced and hybrid study in order to learn skills.

Living Futures

As part of the Living Futures initiative there is an annual theme which is chosen by the committee based on topical and pertinent issues to the student body that also affect the entire community. The theme drives learning and teaching, influences research projects and community engagement, across the university and beyond.


Student Engagement

Importantly, at PCU we believe in the power of our students and peer-to-peer learning. Peer reviews form part of numerous programmes’ assessments and an open dialogue is encouraged amongst the student body. Collaboration is key not only in completing programme assignments, but to learn about one another and the world around us.

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