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Enterprise, entrepreneurship and employment: the School of Business delivers this and more. Whether you are already an experienced professional or just starting out in your business career, we offer an environment for forward thinking students, where you can contribute, critique and challenge. Learn from your peers as well as Professors, through our personal approach to teaching and small group seminars. Enjoy the freedom to explore research areas of interest across the industry or sector of your choice. Push yourself to go beyond what you think you can achieve. That is the PCU School of Business experience.

Bachelor’s — Master’s
Foundation Diplomas
Professional Qualifications

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Public Speaking Workshop for PCU Business Students helps develop confidence and the ability to communicate in an effective and professional manner

Industry Roundtable with PCU and Teesside University and industry partners to discuss, the primary skills required by employees in today’s modern-day workplace


Education partner IFSA’s Flagship initiative connects our students in Prague with students in Shanghai and London to discuss global issues from a local context.

PCU Career Fair brings our students and industry partners together for either in- person or virtual interviews and discussions to help students determine future career pathways


Master Speaker Series, Petr Skála shares with students his strategies for securing new business in local, regional and global markets

School of Business Doctoral and Fellowship Awards


Key faculty from PCU’s School of Business have recently achieved doctoral and professorship titles, as well as fellowship awards. Under the direction of Dr Stefano Cavagneto, the School of Business has continued to advance its research activities and established new partnerships with universities and businesses..

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Master's Degrees with opportunity


As a specialist university with small class sizes we have additional extras that enhance your learning experience outside of the classroom, introducing you to leading professionals and innovators in your field of study. By committing to the experience combined with a dedicated attitude you can take advantage of the opportunities that will move your career to the next level.

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Best Practice Academic Partner Award


Prague City University is proud to announce that we have won the Best Practice: Academic Partner award at CIMA-CGMA’s annual awards night that took place on the 9th of December in Warsaw, Poland.

Bruce Gahir, Associate Dean for the School of Business accepted the award on behalf of his team.

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Faculty Research & Projects

The Voynich Manuscript - Research in Action

PCU research is centred on areas that help our communities. Sometimes this may involve finding practical solutions to real problems. And sometimes it may involve something that pushes the boundaries of our core disciplines and opens up insight into the mysteries of the world around us. Dr Stefano Cavagnetto has uncovered just such a project and is engaging on a three year journey in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague centred around the mysteries of a medieval manuscript closely connected to Prague and Italy.

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Alumni Profiles


Vít Horký

After graduating from PCU in International Management, Vit Horky founded Brand Embassy, growing his fledgling start-up into a significant global player, offering cloud based customer care management solutions to large scale corporations. In 2019, Vit›s company was acquired by Israeli customer care giant NICE inContact, which he continues to manage and grow with full support from the parent company. Vit credit’s his studies and lecturers for ‘kickstarting his entrepreneurial journey to the next level’.

Kateřina Hašková

Since graduating from MSc in International Management, Katerina has enjoyed a successful career in Marketing, working for major FMCG brands in the Czech Republic and Poland. Katerina is currently in her ‘dream job’ as Brand Manager for Pilsner Urquell, the largest Czech brewer with a global reach. Katerina leads a team of people and is in charge of marketing campaigns for the Czech Republic. She praises the School of Business for building confidence and for helping her develop a practical and solid foundation when she embarked on her career.


Patricio Ibargüengoitia

Originally from Mexico, Patricio studied for his Business and International Management while also working as a bartender. Then he started making homemade Mexican food deliveries. It was during this time that Patricio made the strategic decision to start a restaurant. Thirteen years later, that restaurant, Las Adelitas, founded with three other Mexicans, has expanded to four city locations and is famous across Prague and further afield. Patricio notes that the university gave him the freedom to learn and develop ideas beyond the curriculum and that his lecturers were supportive and gave him consistent helpful feedback. Advice that he took onboard to become one of Prague’s most successful restaurateurs and a major community event organiser for the annual Americka street festival in Prague 2 as well as founder of Prague’s Mexico Prague Iberoamerican Film Festival.

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