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25 Reasons It Was Good to Be a Student at Prague College in 2019

by Ry Hallada, on 31 December 2019 15:24:16 CET

Our Student Services Specialist, Ry Hallada, also doubles as one of our main photographers. Along with Michal Kroča, our graphic designer, the two of them do their best to document all of the great activities that happen in the Prague College community. Ry has offered to share his top moments and a few words on 2019 in the form of an album. Take a look, and click on any picture to see the full album! 

"As the end of the year draws near, I find myself reflecting on the moments that I've had the privilege of capturing during 2019. Be it the welcoming of richly diverse groups of international students, or documenting their success throughout the year, there was always a reason to be proud to be a part of it all! Through my lens, here are 25 reasons it was good to be a student at Prague College in 2019." - Ry Hallada 

1. Monday 28 January - HND Graphic Design & HND Fine Art & Foundation Shows 39965560583_757e204cc9_k

"Although the year was just beginning, some of our students were wrapping up final projects and presentations. I am always amazed by the graphic design projects and fine art installations that our students produce. This event saw multiple classrooms completely transformed into interactive spaces, showcasing a wide variety of talent." 

2. Thursday 14 February - Welcome Week Orientation - Spring 2019

"It's always exciting to welcome a new group of international students to our community. This intake saw the addition of students from 20+ different countries, produced new Student Council members, empowered interns that secured employment, and saw an increase in student-driven initiatives." 

3. Friday 22 February - Welcome Party - Spring 2019 40242987143_336de07e07_k

"Our welcome parties are always a blast! Both new and current students get together for some light entertainment, a few drinks, and good music to kick off the beginning of another semester." 

4. Thursday 18 April  - Career Fair 2019 - Your Path to Success46760481055_f2371cdbdf_k

"The 2019 Career Fair saw interactive workshops, inspiring guest speakers, and an environmental discussion panel with leaders from some of the biggest industries! 25 different companies were present, ranging from multinational corporations to local start-ups. This was one of my biggest personal achievements of the year, and I am extremely grateful to all of the people that were involved." 

5. Tuesday 30 April - 15th Anniversary Celebration46974696534_2e45d81a07_k

"In 2019 Prague College celebrated its 15th year as an academic institution. The school has gone through many changes, challenges, and great achievements during this time. It's great that each experience has allowed us to continue to grow! 2020 will see even more exciting chapters unfold, and we look forward to you being a part of them!" 

6. Thursday 16 May - Roots - BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media Final Exhibition 201946952192905_886536d655_k

"Final shows from the School of Art and Design are some of the coolest things that I like to visit. The students often take over public spaces and completely transform it into audio, visual, and expressive experiences for guests to immerse themselves in. On top of that, our students get a sense for what it's like to exhibit as a professional."

7. Thursday 23 May - Re_defining_space - BA (Hons) Graphic Design Final Exhibition 201947935232027_5f9df5ad5c_k (1)

"The space we have at at our Bishop's Court campus is home to Final Shows, the Visiting Artist Lecture Series, exhibitions, and social events. "Redefining space" is an understatement when it comes to the unique ways our students and lecturers bring that building to life." 

8. Tuesday 4 June - #NoTimeToWaste - High Time  48007312282_b3cd0e9e99_k

"The Prague College community is very active when it comes to sustainability initiatives and environmental awareness. In 2019 we saw the finale of #NoTimeToWaste, and the introduction of #FacingChange as our annual themes. It's amazing to see so many students take on academic projects that make an impact in their personal lives, and in the classroom." 

9. Wednesday 5 June - Off Beat - BA (Hons) Creative Media Production Exhibition48012277598_ec45cea543_k

"The BA Creative Media Production students screened short films as part of their final exhibition. Being shown in a local, independent cinema made for a wonderfully authentic experience. I can't wait to see what the current CMP students will produce next!" 

10. Wednesday 19 June - Prague College 15th Anniversary Garden Reception48097736848_dce34eb547_k

"It was such an honor to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Prague College at the British Embassy in Prague, with inspiring speeches from British Ambassador - Nick Archer MVO, Teesside University Chancellor - Paul Drechsler CBE, and Prague College Founder/Director - Douglas Hajek!"

11. Wednesday 17 September - Orientation Day - Group A - Fall 201948758105503_8524abf134_k (1)

"This fun group represents another 15+ nationalities that joined us in 2019. Students from this group have already gone on to become active Student Council members, student volunteers, and have performed at events displaying great talents!" 

12. Thursday 18 September - Orientation Day - Group B - Fall 201948760872637_b319ef2e55_k (1)

"It's always refreshing to meet even more new students with friendly attitudes and that are highly motivated. 2019 saw the addition of so many interesting, clever people. Thank you for making our community richer!"

13. Friday 18 September - Welcome Week BBQ 48768790976_a1f8b97af4_k

"Before the semester officially kicks off, our annual BBQ is a great way to meet new friends and get to know the campus. With music in the background, the grill fired up, and some afternoon sun, it still feels like summer!"

14. Friday 18 September - Cyberspace Exhibition 201948769005612_2094fbf87a_k

"An event I always look forward to is the VR workshop exhibition that kicks off the fall semester at Prague College. Lecturers from the School of Art & Design guide students through the development and exhibition of virtual installations. Each piece is an original audiovisual interaction, and some are out of this world!"

15. Friday 25 September - Welcome Party - Fall 201948820490176_93881d0e61_k

"The 2019 fall semester's Welcome Party saw the introduction of Prague College Societies, the annual theme, and the Student Council invited new members to join. After a busy orientation week, it all feels worth it when the whole room is filled with smiles!"

16. Wednesday 19 October - Benedict Allen - Prague College Talks  48876343392_9b0119f03a_k

"Explorer Benedict Allen deployed a fresh supply of motivation and inspiration in the first Prague College Talk of the semester. His stories brought us on a journey through nature, life, and challenges both physical and mental. It was the first of several amazing guest speakers throughout the semester!"

17. Thursday 10 October - Visiting Artist Lecture Series - Vítek Škop 48902240298_169f8eda1f_k

"Vítek's installation of VALS was not only filled with inspiring insight into his career, but he also shared his augmented reality work. The project combines digital smart phone technology with physical educational material in an interactive experience. It was easily one of the coolest things I saw during the semester!"

18. Thursday 31 October - Halloween Party 201949028169122_1b0d97cd06_k

"The Prague College Student Council organized a Halloween Carnival that was free to all students. There were Halloween themed games, a fortune teller, tricks and treats! Great job everyone!"

19. Thursday 14 November - Industry Roundtable (Prague College & Teesside University Business School)49084781761_030da15874_k

"Prague College and Teesside University work together closely on creating innovative opportunities for our students. We teamed up with industry leaders from Coca-Cola, KPMG, CIMA, and Johnson & Johnson, to bring business experience of the highest level, to our professional community!"

20. Saturday 16 November - Graduation Ceremony 201949090224933_a330f1f232_k

"It's nearly impossible to choose one image that captures all of the joy and sense of achievement felt during the graduation ceremony. Our students go on to greatness in so many different ways, and we're proud to be a part of their journey! Congratulations class of 2019!"

21. Saturday 16 November - Alumni Event 2019 49089480042_e75edc8328_k

"Our Alumni community continues to grow! It's so great to see our graduates succeed in their professional careers and we are always happy to share their stories! Even after their studies, our grads can count on us to provide support and guidance." 

22. Thursday 21 November - Zeina Kanawati: The Hidden Role of Women in War Zones49125895608_196fbf88f3_k

"One of my favourite things about Prague College is the wealth of guest speakers and professionals that share their experiences with our community. The topics are applicable to everyone, and the insight is priceless. To top it off, we are able to promote our own alumni in their work, achievements, and the stories they share with us!"

23. Friday 22 November - Prague College International Day 201949136738111_dbc29a9d9e_k

"In our classrooms, each student learns side-by-side with peers from all over the world. Over 70 different nationalities are represented at our university. Cultural diversity and a truly international atmosphere are some of the greatest things we get to share!"

24. Friday 29 November - Clothing Donation and Swap 49162669127_308e7aeeff_k

"Our students not only talk about making a difference, they actively take on challenges that better themselves and the world around them. Sustainability has been one of the main things our community has focused on, and a lot of it is student driven, organized and produced. Great work everyone!"

25. Wednesday 4 December - Christmas Party 201949175231971_51bb0b2f5b_k

"As a British University, we typically celebrate British holidays, and Christmas is no exception. This time we made some fun changes while also bringing back some of our favourite traditions! With such a diverse community, we also feel it is important to acknowledge that we all have our own traditions and beliefs. No matter how you celebrate, we wish all the best to our community during the holiday season!"

Note: The moments that were selected for this article were chosen subjectively, based on Ry's own personal experience. There are so many great things that happen throughout the year which are just as important to our community. We can't wait to see what 2020 has in store! 


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