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Enterprising student makes his mark at Hewlett Packard

by Alex Went, on 26 November 2015 15:02:31 CET

Arlind Svarca, a graduate of our Business School, tells us about his new role at HPE (formerly Hewlett Packard)

Hi Arlind - why did you choose to come to study in the Czech Republic, and which programme did you study at Prague College?

I'm originally from Kosovo, though I've lived in Prague for two-thirds of my life. I decided to study at Prague College because I realized it would be a good investment. And it paid off - while studying here I have completed my HND in Business and my BA (Hons) in International Management. Prague College is a modern educational institution, always ready to help its students and provide them with practical knowledge.

You have written in the Prague College Bulletin about the importance of sustainable development within a number of industries. Why is this so important to you personally?

I find the idea of sustainable development tied to all our human aims in life. For me, happiness stems from an optimal relationship between one’s personal destiny and desires and our obligations to our descendants and community. Without awareness of and respect for others, one can never be truly successful.

You recently landed a job with HP Enterprise, having been introduced to the company at the Prague College Job Fair. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Sure. I applied for - and got - a position as a sales representative at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a new organization formed in November from the global IT company Hewlett Packard. This new business deals with servers and software for enterprise, as opposed to the personal computer side of the company. There's no question that I was able to benefit from my knowledge of strategy and management of financial resources. The fact that I had completed relevant personal development courses at Prague College helped me in the proper assessment of an entry case study and results presentation.

You have had a great start at Prague College and now you have taken the first step on the career ladder. What do you see yourself doing in future? 

Right now, I want to continue growing within Hewlett Packard. In professional terms, I am interested in learning the best use of business intelligence, while my personal interests include financial markets (forex), philately, both scientific and traditional astrology, and golf. My aim is to become a sales and communication professional, with all the appropriate knowledge, education and experience. Then I will be able to educate others as well and assist them in their personal development as an entrepreneur.

Arlind, thanks very much for talking to us, and good luck with your new job!

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