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Our graduates are busy ... in Digital Development

by Alex Went, on 06 June 2018 11:19:23 CEST

Le HaPrague College graduate Le Ha works in Prague for OAK'S LAB, a US-based hub whose mission is to transform industry-changing ideas into tangible products. The company specializes in building digital products, optimizing startup processes and developing entrepreneurial leaders. They also run an academy to nurture young talent.

Ha, how did you find out about OAK'S LAB? What do they do, and what do you most enjoy about working there?

I was introduced by a friend of mine. In brief, OAK'S LAB is a full-service digital development agency transforming ideas into living products. I love the team spirit, family environment, 'beast working mode' and never-ending positive vibe.

Can you tell us a bit about the kind of projects you are working on

Sure. At OAK'S LAB, all team members get to work on different projects across various industries. Right now I am working on a Fin-tech/Real Estate project, but before that I was working on designing a multi-channel digital marketing platform in the commercial space. There’s always something new to learn.

Do you have a particular job description / what kind of design skills do you find yourself using? Is it web design, graphic design, do you have to have particular coding skills? What software are you mainly using?

After finishing at Prague College I focused on purely graphic design, using pre-press skills and so on. However, once I joined OAK'S LAB I started to dive more into the field of digital design. I like to combine aspects & knowledge of both which allows me to get the best out of the worlds. My everyday software friend is Sketch and the Adobe creative suite too, of course.

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What aspects of your Prague College education did you find the most helpful in transitioning into the world or work?

Since graduating, I have tried different fields in the design industry. I was always thankful for the knowledge & experiences our lecturers passed on to us. Comparing myself to other designers, I left university with a strong portfolio and knowledgeable about real client experiences, so for me the transition was smooth. The only real difference is that at OAK'S there is a greater degree of teamwork and project challenges. 

Do you have any interests in addition to the work you are doing? 

I've been experimenting a lot. Since graduating I've worked in a Vietnamese design studio, moved to an event design studio, been involved in wedding design, packaging design, and even run a kindergarten for two years before finding myself sitting comfortably in a chair at OAK'S LAB!

Le Ha, thanks for the interview, and good luck in wherever your career takes you next


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