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'Prague offers everything I need for my education'

by Alex Went, on 31 May 2016 13:15:04 CEST

Farah Sungkar did her HND in Business in her home city of Jakarta prior to enrolling at Prague College. We asked her why she made the move:

Farah Sungkar, business studentThanks for talking to us Farah - first off, why Prague?

In Jakarta I studied for my HND in Business Management, and I was looking for somewhere to study for my BA.  Most of my classmates went on to universities in the UK: Coventry, Oxford Brookes and so on, but I thought to myself ‘There are so many Indonesians studying in England: I want to try somewhere else and have a different experience.’ My mum wasn’t too happy at first, but my experiences here have convinced her!

And how have you found the work?

Even though I had completed the HND, the BA programme was very different, but the lecturers at Prague College have inspired me so much. I feel I have been stretched and challenged, but at the same time I have received support whenever I’ve needed it. It’s really easy to communicate with everyone - they’re probably tired of me asking questions all the time, but for me it’s the most effective way to learn.

What project have you been working on for your BA?

I’ve been looking at the market opportunities in my home country for setting up a health and fitness centre. It’s something I’d like to do eventually. There is a problem with obesity in Indonesia, but a lot of gyms are now opening. However, at the moment  women don’t always feel comfortable going to the gym, mainly for cultural and social reasons.   I’ve had the idea for a while of setting up a gym for women. It’s an area which I think would be viable.

What about studying and living in a foreign country?

I do miss my friends but I also feel this is a great opportunity. I’m glad I didn’t go directly to the UK. Prague offers everything I needed in terms of education and it’s a great place to live, plus I get a British degree by studying here.  Obviously the culture is very different from what I’m used to in Indonesia; people are more open-minded than they are back home, and there’s also a less extreme difference between the classes.

What aspect of your course have you enjoyed most?

Without any doubt, the module on Global Economics and Business Operations. Even though I studied Economics before, this has opened my eyes to many more concepts and situations in the world economy. I'm now looking forward to the possibility of taking my Master's in International Management at Prague College next year.

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