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Shared Values: International Conference

by Alex Went, on 27 May 2014 11:55:50 CEST

Shared Values is a four-day conference comprising expert talks and seminars given by local and international speakers, focusing on the inter-related areas of Strategy, Finance, CSR, and Business Ethics

Visit the official conference website here

The main objective of this event is to make connections between these different areas of business, and to brainstorm ideas for further development across industries, from both a practical and academic perspective.

Additional elements to be discussed and highlighted will be the classic dichotomy between shareholders’ and stakeholders’ views of a corporation as well as the idea of sustainability.

The speakers invited come mostly from the UK and the Czech Republic, and they are from both academic and business environments, including: Radek Urban (Former Deputy Minister of Finance), Tomas Hladek (Former Advisor to the Governor of the CNB), Jakub Oliverius (Borealis Group), Dr. Ivana Hrdlickova (Appeals Judge, Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the Hague), Fred Hutchinson (Teesside University), Dr. Stefano Cavagnetto (Prague College, CRIS), Toby Webb (Ethical Corporation), and Geoffrey Klempner (Philosophy Pathways).

Besides the professional speakers, at the end of each day students from the Master's programme in International Management will also give short presentations. Proceedings will be published following the close of the conference.

To find the full timetable of the day's events, please go to:

Day One - Monday 2 June 2014 - Strategy
Day Two  - Tuesday 3 June 2014 - Finance
Day Three - Wednesday 4 June 2014 - CSR
Day Four - Thursday 5 June 2014 - Business Ethics

9am to 5pm daily

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