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Aussie Kiwi Film Festival

by Larissa Petryca, on 08 November 2022 09:30:18 CET

In November the Aussie Kiwi Film Festival opened at Kino Lucerna with the help of Creative Media Production students who undertook work experience with the festival organisers.

Programme Highlights

The festival opened with New Zealand biopic Whina which tells the story of Dame Whina Cooper, a beloved Māori matriarch who worked tirelessly to improve the rights of her people.

It was then the turn of Australia with the screening of My name is Gulpilil, a documentary on David Gulpilil who stared in Nicolas Roeg’s film classic Walkabout. What followed was a remarkable career in internationally-acclaimed films such as Rabbit Proof Fence and the comedy Crocodile Dundee.

This feature was opened by a short film by Maia Hornik. Maia is Programme Leader for Creative Media Production. Her poetic film Love Untitled, investigates the deeper emotions of love through the dreamscapes of a couple in the course of one day and night.

Love Unititled at Aussie Kiwi Film Festival

The festival also screened the brand new Australian movie, Blueback which featured a stellar cast including Mia Wasikowska and Eric Bana. The festival ended with a sassy Australian comedy, How to Please a Woman.

Partnership with PCU

In early September festival organisers visited PCU to meet with Creative Media Production students and offered them several roles on their festival team. Students applied and interviewed for positions and the following students were chosen.

Aussie Kiwi Film Festival visit PCU
AKFF Visit Prague City University

Pollina Petryshyna - Digital Marketing

Pollina, a second year student presented new ideas and a more complex visual strategy for the festival’s social media promotion. Pollina developed a colour palette for online communication and digital marketing tools. She shared ideas with the team on ways to increase engagement online and to keep a consistent brand communication strategy. Polly created several designs and templates that could be used in Canva software.

When the festival is over, the team plans to continue their collaboration with her to help strengthen this strategy for the 10th year anniversary of the Aussie Kiwi Film Festival including new strategies for digital advertising on Google and elsewhere.

Leke Rizvanolli - Multimedia Designer

Leke, a third year student, helped with shooting and postproduction of the video trailer which you can see above. Leke worked behind the camera and also in front of it. He shared his ideas on set and is currently creating video "reels" for the festival’s Instagram page. Over the following months he plans to create a new festival teaser using animation.

Jan Brzobohatý - Programme Planning

Jan, a second year student, is yet to work with the team but will be intimately involved with programme planning and producing for 2023 in January. Starting with negotiation and communication with Australian and New Zealand film schools and film distributors for the rights to show shorts and student films. He will also communicate with Prague cinemas, translators and help prepare next year’s 10th anniversary programme.

We have enjoyed seeing the student’s good work being used so far and look forward to more of their creative work being implemented in 2023!

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