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BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media Final Show 2018

by admin, on 14 May 2018 00:00:00 CEST

Thursday 17 May 2018 (vernissage) | 8pm Kasárna Karlín

Prague College’s art and design students are pleased to invite you to view the results of their Bachelor’s programmes. And this year we have prepared a special offer: two for the price of one! Students from both disciplines ― Graphic Design and Fine Art ― will present their work on the same day at two fantastic locations - so you can look forward to a wide range of and ideas and creative presentations.

Starting on 17 May, the ten students of our BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media programme will be exhibiting their art works ranging from digital to experimental media. On display, there will be a wide range of installations including - but not limited to - performances, sound, video and animation, photography, and sculptures.

The exhibition presents the theme of 'Second Nature' as the works demonstrate subjects that each and every one of us sees from a different viewpoint. This exhibit encompasses different, even unexpected point of views; it aims to reveal a different standpoint to what already exists and is right in front of us.

Second Nature exhibition

Opening times following the vernissage:

Fine Art, Kasarna Karlin:           18, 21 and 22 May from 1pm to 10pm; 
                                             19 and 20 May from 10am to 10pm

Meet the artists - brief words from our students

Antonio Ferrari

Born in 1995 in Rome, (Italy), Antonio currently lives and works in Prague, where he is a student of Fine Art Experimental Media in Prague College. During these years he has focused his attention on fields like sculptural art and photography; subsequently he defined his own visual perspective and conceptual vocabulary through a constant study in architecture, sculpture, and spatial analysis. His works explores the complexity of social, political relations and human behavior.

In addition, his video installations examine the tension between the material and the immaterial. His works
can go from performances and videos, to installations and sculptures; his projects are characterized by stories richly layered, translation and transportation of poetic moments between reality and fiction.

Lorène Frachet

I am a Swiss / French artist in visual art. I have played theater for 11 years, and I specialize myself in high school. Then, I have studied social for two years. I realized that art was my main way to express, so I went in a art school, in visual communication for four years in Geneva. From graphic design to video and photography, I have learned to be multi-skilled. My principal skill is photography. Photography became my passion and my first tool to communicate. With time, I developed my style, and focused on portraits and report. With an intimate approach, I make pictures of my relatives and try to expose their lives in an voyeuristic way.

Visual communication allowed me to be able to answer to a brief for a work, but the artistic, creative and experimental approach was missing. This is what lead me to Prague College, in the Fine Art Experimental Media Bachelor. This year, I’m focusing on photography and experimenting the relation with sounds, structure and photography. In an experimental procedure, this year help me to understand the influence of environment, objects and sounds on my pictures, and to see them with another view. Still with a kind of intimate approach, I have worked with topic as nude, censorship and voyeurism.

Munmun Alexander Adams

My relationship with photography goes far back to the days of my childhood, exploring my dad’s vast collection of film cameras and watching him capture precious moments of our innocence, travels and adventures brings back fond memories.

Although I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby it was not until a few years ago that I decided to pursue a career in photography. Photography gives me the freedom to showcase my creative vision, through my lens and allowing me to follow my passion: travel, meeting new people and getting to know them at a personal level and most importantly forming relationships. I like to work in a casual, fun environment, so that everyone feels comfortable.

Studying at Prague College for the BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media programme has given me the opportunity to look deeper into my interests and passions. It gave me a new outlook and a deeper understanding and appreciation for art which has helped me grow as a photographer.

Sarah Rose

I am a South African creative, tipsy gypsy and art addict. My journey started with journalism studies in South Africa, where I experimented with art as a visual language for storytelling, documenting and interacting. From children’s illustrations and editorial cartoons, to murals and handpoked tattoos, I embraced every opportunity to create and learn along the way. As a result, drawing not only became an integral part of my journalism practise, but also my way of being. Art became my way of connecting with people across barriers of language, age, nationality, race and background - it shaped and inspired my experiences. It has paved my path from South Africa to Italy, India, Portugal, Spain and South East Asia. 

This winding path eventually lead me to the Experimental Media program, where I have explored sculpture and three-dimensional story-telling. Over the past two semesters, I have focused on the wisdom that humans might find in plants and natural cycles. Through these visual metaphors and planted ideas, I hope to cultivate new ways of thinking about and reimagining the nature of our minds, hearts and relationships with the natural world. A way of seeing creativity in destruction, beauty in devastation, wisdom in wandering and humanity in trees.
A garden of ideas that are growing places.

Milos Padjen

Milos Padjen is a young artist, main tool of his is a camera into which he fall in love since early childhood. After finishing high school at his hometown Paracin from the heart of Serbia, Milos moved to magical Prague where he found his creative side. Although his main tool are DSLR cameras he is comfortable with using other techniques to express his creativity, such as 3D animation, video producing and more.

Arden Tan

Arden Tan is a young artist from Taiwan, she has experienced different multicultural environment through her educational stages. Tan went to a Comprehensive High School studied in Forest in Taiwan. After it, she went to the United States for Seattle University, and majored in Fine Art for one year. Currently she is living and studying in Prague, Czech Republic, and gaining the knowledge in the field of Fine Art and Experimental Media.

During High School time, Tan was spending lot of time outside of school in art world. She Worked in an indie music Live House, in order to learn more about sound and stage techniques. At the same time, she was volunteering in the Nation Taichung Performance Theater, as a backstage assistant.  

The gap time between high school and university in Taiwan, Tan used this time to intern in an art gallery - Freedom Men Art Apartments. She also took some Creative Design courses in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology.

Daily life documenting is a very important for Tan. She constantly tries different methods to document the transformation of passing time. She has been taking one profile picture a day by a camera for over 6 years. Also self-reflection and observation are part of her, she is used to list everything about herself, like the food she likes, actives she enjoys, etc. She develops the project called Instruction, it is a pile of personal information, which come from daily life. And present in the future she wants to make an instruction manual.

Now Tan has been exploring Conceptual Art.  Illustration is the handiest media for Tan, but she never puts herself in the box as an illustrator because she believes that idea goes first and the media comes to express it. She likes to work with mixed media as well and tries to learn also as many different media techniques as she can. “ItchyFingerx You” - illustrated portrait project represents the important start of Art journey for Arden Tan. She spent one summer time, going on the street to the public, inviting people to sit down for 5 minutes. During the time, she used marker pen to drawing the illustrated portrait of people, afterward she gave them the final work in exchange. She portrayed nearly 200 people. these experiences brought her the skill of detail observation and taught her that confidence gives the power to conquer the world.

Gangaanai Ganbaatar

Born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Gangaanai Ganbaatar is an interdisciplinary artist experimenting in the field of New Media.

Danylo Hovzan

Originally from Lviv, Ukraine — and for the last three years living and studying in Prague — transitioned from HND Multimedia Design and Development to BA Fine Art at Prague College. Interested in how one’s memory (and lack thereof) affects the perception of oneself.

Aya Akhmetova

Experimental Media, currently studying at Prague College, Czech Republic. Graphic Design, 2010 -2012, Art School, Pavlador, Kazakhstan. Literature and philosophy, 2008-2012, Innovative University of Eurasia, Pavlador, Kazakhstan. Volunteering: Pokoje, 2017, Prague. Interpretation Festival, Agosto Foundation, 2016

Kira Motorina: DJ, producer and musician. Making music since 2008, sound design and DJ-ing for 4 years


The vernissage of the Fine Art programme takes place at Kasarna Karlin at 8pm. You can look forward to a wide range of and ideas and creative executions. And we will be around to talk about our work and to celebrate our efforts together with you!


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