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Dialogos: A Public Conference Exploring the Meaning of Dialogue

by Matthew Butler, on 22 February 2019 00:00:00 CET

Wednesday 20 March 2019 | 10am | Prague College

A one day conference open to the public held at Prague College from the BA (Hons) Creative Media Production programme with the participation of BSc (Hons) Computing and BA (Hons) Graphic Design programmes.

The roots of the word dialogue come from the Greek words dia and logos. Dia mean ‘through’; logos translates to ‘word’ or ‘meaning’. In essence, a dialogue is a flow of meaning. Throughout the conference lecturers and students will explore this concept.
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Confirmed Speakers

10am - David Petryca"Maps and Navigation – The Art of Getting Lost."
Human relationships with the landscape and how our perception of space changed with the advent of mapping and navigation technology.

10.40am - Patrick Scherer - Apple Talk for Beginners
About trees, giant mushroom networks, little helpers, fresh air and how they communicate.

11.15am - Christophe Slussareff - The dysfunctional Dialogue with Reality
How generalisation, distortion, and omission form our paradigm.

1pm - Maia Horniak - The Dialogue between Director and Actor
Working on the Principles of Judith Westons Techniques.

2pm - Robert CarrithersPhotography as a Dialogue with Society
A Presentation of his photography series - Underground scenes from NYC, Berlin and Prague.

3pm - Masa Hilcisin - Inner dialogue - Intuitive Art
Reclaiming your creative and intuitive self

4pm - Nicolas Makelberge - Creativity. Our Dialogue with life
A presentation on the past, present and future of creativity.

Confirmed Student Works

Haley Montowski: A 7 minute documentary film entitled 'Meaning of Home' which she produced within the Moving Image Documentary Production class.

Lynn Zaw, Phoenix Miller, Sabina Svatosova and Victoria Mowjsing: A 10 minute film they produced within the Film Studies class about Formalist and Queer film theory.

Lena Fix: Photo-essay and Radio Interview about drag queens in Prague. Produced for the class Producing Multi-platform for Radio programme.

Dina Romantsova, Giordano Vinicio Valenzuela Murua, Izolda Balogova, Liana Sas, Nino Aphakidze, Selina Nikijuluw: Third Year BA students present their 1 minute Rekola “Bike Sharing” Corporate Commercial Video for the class Client Based Production project.

Sandra Abdulhakova: BA Graphic Design project “The protection collection” presenting three posters and a scarf mock-up.

Rebeca Naranjo Guzman: BA Graphic Design project, “The case for her” a Mobile application

Nino Aphakidze: 7 min documentary “Limitless Beauty”.

Interested in Studying at Prague College?

During the conference Prague College will also be hosting an open day for prospective students. If you would like to speak with a member of admissions or explore our campus, just let us know!

Topics:Visiting Artist Lecture Series