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Sustainability in Fashion

by Matthew Butler, on 20 February 2019 18:38:49 CET

A #NoTimeToWaste project for a sustainable future 

In Patricia Potancokova's thesis she tackles the ugly truth about fast-fashion and explores her own relationship with sustainable fashion.

Patricia nttw 1

Please describe briefly your work and what is its purpose.

The purpose of my work was to question the positive perception of sustainable fashion brands.

Where did your inspiration to choose this particular topic come from?

As the ugly truth about fast-fashion spreads, sustainable fashion becomes the obvious right choice for the future. The term "sustainable fashion" is gaining traction at a faster pace and becoming a fashion trend in its own right. Brands, sustainable or not, get caught up to the hype. I was intrigued to find out if sustainable fashion brands really do represent the correct choice. During my research, I found that many fashion brands use manipulative marketing strategies known as as "greenwashing" – which refers to brainwashing customers into believing their purchase is good for the environment. 

What would you like to influence with your work?

In my future projects, I want to educate consumers about sustainability and make them aware that it is a business strategy like any other. Making the right choices is a much more complex task than what it initially appears to be on first sight. Sustainability has many layers.

Patricia nttw 2

What did you learn during your work on the project? What you feel proud of?

My relationship with sustainability is complicated as my own comprehension of this term changed often during my research. I discovered more insights and found myself to believe somethings that weren't true. I think this is the case for the majority of consumers and that makes me excited to share with you what I have learned. I want to find practical solutions for people based in the Czech or Slovak Republics without discriminating the love for fashion. I am looking forward to launching my own sustainable fashion service to spread the message and educate my audience. My goal is to also consult and creatively direct fashion brands.

Patricia nttw 3

Anything else you would like to say/share?

For the purpose of getting firsthand experience about fashion design, I took a semester long course in Scholastika to discover what it takes to design, manufacture, market and sell clothing. I fulfilled my dreams of making my own clothes and discovered more issues like fabric and material sourcing.

To see what I am up to next or to see what I sewed during the course, check my Instagram at @_pucpuc.


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