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Executive Director joins PCU

by Larissa Petryca, on 09 June 2023 15:58:18 CEST

In the later months of 2022, Peter Howe was appointed as Executive Director of PCU and officially begun his tenure this month. As Executive Director, Peter oversees the management and operations of the university while contributing to, and implementing, the long-term strategic vision as a member of the PCU leadership team.

An Experienced Educational Leader

Peter has spent nearly twenty years in leadership positions within the United World Colleges network of influential and highly-esteemed international schools. He started with the United World College (UWC) of the Adriatic in Italy in 2005 as Head of Economics and IB Coordinator, before assuming the roles of Director of Studies and Deputy Head in 2007, and ultimately Head or Rettore of the College in 2008. He was appointed Head of College at UWC Maastricht in the Netherlands in January 2012 and served as Principal of UWC Atlantic from March 2017 through July 2021.

Executive Director Peter Howe at Student Awards Ceremony
Student Awards Ceremony for student ambassadors and leaders who actively support the PCU community

He is currently a member of the Council of International Schools Summit of University and School Leaders Working Group and has served the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) as an evaluation leader, team leader, workshop leader, and curriculum team member.

Shared Values

Peter’s background as an educational leader, along with his values of international cooperation and the promotion of sustainability through education, is ideally suited to PCU’s mission, vision and goals. The mission and values of the university resonate deeply with him, that is - to make a meaningful contribution to the world around us. A key aspect of his role is to support student agency and engagement and to continue to cultivate PCU as a student-centred institution which empowers learners through trust and authentic responsibility.

Executive Director Peter Howe at The Ukrainian Embassy in Prague
Executive Director Peter Howe, Dean Dr Stefano Cavagnetto, Associate Dean Dr David Gannon and several Ukrainian students from the School of Business met with Ukrainian Embassy Advisor Valery Demianets and First Secretary Andrei Kolesnichenko.

His approach to education is simple. Put the student at the centre because ‘they are the why of all that we do’. This has been a defining feature of PCU since its foundation in 2004 - to support students as they navigate their unique path from promise and potential to passion and purpose.

Approaching a 20 year milestone

The role of Executive Director is the culmination of a decade of work as PCU emerges as a specialist European university. The realisation of the new campuses project, will also see PCU move into the large custom-built Pragovka Campus in 2024, signifying a significant new phase in PCU's history.

PCU’s Pragovka Campus will be operational in 2024

Reporting directly to the President of PCU, Peter contributes to the collegial and consensual leadership style of PCU, while coordinating with the President and Rector, and will steward the Academic Leadership and Senior Executive teams.

“Peter‘s background in business, as well as his studies and interest in art matches our own Schools and is at the core of the PCU educational mission. His leadership of renowned international Colleges demonstrates an ability to combine the needs of day-to-day operations and planning while remaining true to the values and ideals that drive our educational philosophy. And crucially, his strongly-held belief that students, faculty and staff are the centre and core of an educational institution matches my own firmly-held beliefs,”
Douglas Hajek, President of Prague City University

With Peter onboard, PCU is perfectly placed to thrive as an international university with a Czech and global student body. With research activities aligned to, and embedded in the educational experience, alongside a dedication and focus on student well-being and outcomes will ensure that PCU is an excellent choice for students from all over the world.

Executive Director Peter Howe at PCU City Centre Campus
Peter Howe at PCU’s City Centre Campus

Over the summer months Peter will settle into his role and along with staff and academics, prepare for the start of the Autumn semester to ensure an excellent university education for students and an outstanding workplace for academics and operational staff, all while making a meaningful contribution to research and collaboration with the businesses and communities around us.

You can find a full biography of Prague City University’s leadership team here.

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