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LEVEL UP! HND Graphic Design show 2018

by admin, on 22 May 2018 10:36:19 CEST

11 to 15 June | Prague College | Opening - 5pm 11 June

Level Up!

Popcorn, ready. Cold beverages, got it. Game, ON!

Welcome to our final exhibition! After two years we have cleared the hurdle of HND and now it’s your turn to see what the programme offers.

Click here to read our student''s review of this exhibition!

Meet up with your 12 players and journey through our individual stands, collecting items and exploring and discovering inspirational designs but most of all enjoying the game (I mean the show).

As 12 great players of visual design, we will be there introducing the world of design to you. Showcasing a selection of our work, but also offering aid and skills within our power.

On your adventure, you will face dangerously good graphics, products and printings. Fear not! We will guide you with our knowledge and craft and once you have travelled through our exhibition, you will be Levelled Up as well.

Do not miss the opening day where you can gain some HP with food and beverages. Don’t be afraid to venture forth and seek us out. This adventure you are about to go on is going to blow your mind!

The game starts at 5pm on 11 June and continues every day from 10am to 6pm.


Anna, the tiniest student in the class but the biggest dreamer


A guy from a SMALL country, but with BIG ideas.


"Ilduza lives with the idea that even small things have their authentic meaning, she likes to see art in everything in the world that surrounds us and to express those things more eccentrically. Ilduza likes to experiment most of the time to come up with new ideas of expressing herself. She loves cooking, painting, doing makeup, and constantly explore new things in what she does."


Jarno, head in the clouds kind of designer.

P.s He can get quite passionate and he eats everything, so be carefull.


Jill, a little obsessed with all things light. Prefers white over the other colours. Trying to stay true to herself in design process. Believes in good things although has been told being skeptic. Feels comfortable when finds balanced solutions.


Also widely known as Snoopy Kim, Jin is into sweet design. She is currently graphic designing up her life in Prague. She explores her love for colors and compositions inspired by nature.


Lukas, a big guy from a small town. Creates his 3D worlds and makes things to move. He loves action such as epic intros, sound effects, explosions and much more which he applies to his work.


Margrueta (yes it is spelled right :D), nickname Maggie, inspires herself with life around to create colourful graphics. Not able to stay still too long, and always wanting to be moving in some way (be it physical or more mental), Maggie is exploring different aspects of design and how to combine it all into an awesome life aspect.


Puca is on this earth to create and she doesn't set any boundaries for how that should look like. Always on a hunt to keep up with the world, and mainly, the visual aspect of it. Cute, but psycho, but broke (because of all the printing {emoji of money flying}), but dedicated. {emoji of <3 and cherry}


Hola, ja jsem avocado. Můj bože!


Reni is always creating and making mess.


Ruslan, who has a pet called Graffi. His obsession for the golden ratio rule is notorious.


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