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Annual Theme for year 2019/2020 #FacingChangeBy Prague College Deputy Director Jeff Buehler

by Matthew Butler, on 23 September 2019 13:23:00 CEST

I am writing to wish you all a wonderful start to the new semester and to introduce the new theme we will reflecting on this semester, #FacingChange.

Technology, Brexit, jungles, climate change, identity, habitat, workplace practices, education. If there is one thing that is undeniable, it is that we are living in a time of rapid change. Change has the power to create within us strong feelings of panic, helplessness, confusion but also excitement, joy and curiosity.

Every year the Living Futures initiative at Prague College designs an annual theme which brings to light the challenges we face and explores them via the interconnection of business and finance, design, media, art and computing. Our Schools, students and staff work to embed this theme into projects, lectures, workshops, conferences and shows in order to illustrate, adapt current practice and inspire future action. To read about the outcomes of last year's theme, No Time To Waste, check out this overview.

This year’s annual theme focuses on change and what we as humans can do to face it with creativity and skill. How do we approach and work with change on a personal level and how do we face change in society. We will explore what change is, explore specific areas where it is happening, as well as develop skills to engage and participate in the process of change.

The theme is meant to pose a challenge to us as a community. Students may want to bring ideas into a class project or design something on their own. Different Schools and departments may decide to engage with the theme in their own individual ways. It is meant to be a starting point for discussion, inspiration and engagement in a broader context.

Last year’s theme, #NoTimeToWaste, recognized the urgency of waste, and how it manifests personally and in society. Students engaged wholeheartedly in this theme and went on to present excellent work in two conferences at the college last year. Those who wish to continue to work with this theme are encouraged to do so, or to explore ways in which it can be related to #FacingChange.

There may be opportunities for you to engage with the new theme in one of your classes or in your programme. Or you may also have your own ideas and concepts that you would like to bring forward to Alice Buehler (Living Futures Coordinator, alice@praguecollege.cz) or the Student Council.



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