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Statement on USA & Global Protests

by Larissa Petryca, on 02 June 2020 15:24:33 CEST

Our declaration against systemic discrimination and unjust racial disparity that has led to protests around the world, and particularly in the United States after the killing of George Floyd.

As a university bringing together students from around the world, and with our values firmly celebrating diversity and inclusivity, we take this moment to reaffirm our commitment to human rights and equality.

A movement has coalesced around initiatives like Black Lives Matter, and it reflects a combination of both historical and contemporary injustices. The murder of a man while in police custody, according to the coroner’s report announced by the media today, is one of a long line of tragic and unlawful killings that happen in countries around the world.

Prejudice, intolerance and persecution are insidious forces and need to be addressed in everything we do.

We hope that we all can take a good look at our own attitudes and actions and find ways to better articulate and deliver on our ideals.

We hope for justice for those affected and for an end to prejudice.

We hope for peace and healing for all humanity.


Topics:Living Futures