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Take a Moment...

by Larissa Petryca, on 31 January 2020 16:35:31 CET

Did you know that over 100 billion new articles of clothing is produced every year and approximately 60% ends up in landfill that same year? The trend for cheap, disposable fast fashion continues to rise with shirts often cheaper than a coffee! What to do? Read on... 

Prague College has been officially recognised as a partner of Moment, a network of voluntary second hand stores that supports non-profit ventures through the sale of donated goods. This supports our ethos to encourage responsible recycling and exchange of used goods to avoid adding to our global landfill problem. 


We encourage our staff and students to buy clothing in a more responsible way to help our planet and to develop an awareness of the underpaid garment workers in developing nations. We've even had one of our student's, Patricia Potancokova, write her thesis on this particular issue which you can read more in an interview here. And again, we were motivated after hearing from Moment's coordinator Markéta Soukupová, who gave a lecture last year on Sustainable Fashion.


There is a natural synergy and exchange between our two organisations, as Alice Buehler from Student Services says: “With Moment we share the confidence that big global issues can be solved creatively, by working together with others, knowing that we can always find something that we can offer."


So if you are looking for one-off original items, go visit Moment! Or alternatively, attend our SUMMER SWAP event at the college on May 7. This is a great way to find items and also responsibly pass on any of your unwanted clothing, accessories and footwear (in good condition). All items left over go directly to Moment and outside of our SWAP events we will have a permanent drop-off bag at reception that will accept your pre-loved goodies.


You can find more information about Moment, it's charity shops and their locations here.

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