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Media Innovation & Technology Speaker Series

by Larissa Petryca, on 03 November 2020 17:24:02 CET

We are very excited to announce that the School of Media & IT have created their own lecture series: Media Innovation & Technology Series (MITS) and on November 11, will feature Multimedia Artist Mika Johnson, as their very first guest lecturer.

Prague College has been successfully running guest lectures organised by the School of Art and Design, the renowned Visiting Artist Lecture Series (VALS) and the School of Business' Master Speaker Series (MSS). The addition of the School of Media & IT's Media Innovation & Technology Series completes the school series, further strengthened with the introduction of branding developed originally for VALS.
mits-logo       mss-logo       vals-logo
The goal of MITS is to introduce students and anyone with an interest in Media and Computing to what is possible and probable with innovation. Speakers from multiple disciplines and industry will lecture on a range of topics in the context of evolving media, with a focus on the technical trends, opportunities and challenges surfacing in the unfolding media ecosystem, underscoring the need to innovate and create true social change to survive in the media and information industries. 

Confirmed speakers so far are the aforementioned Mika JohnsonBen Sasson and Mimi Violette, with more to be announced soon.

Mika's lecture under the banner of MITS will present Storytelling in the Age of Extended Realities (XR). His lecture will focus on the history of artistic mediums, in general, and the ways in which new technologies such as VR, AR, and immersive audio, can change the ways we tell stories.
As part of the discussion, he will explain his unpredictable career path, which began in filmmaking, which then branched into other mediums thanks to the success of his first XR project, VRwandlung (2018), which traveled to over 50 cities around the world. He will also describe his latest projects, along with what the future of these mediums might look like. The audience is encouraged to submit questions in the chat for Mika to answer during the lecture.
Prague College is committed to creating and staging all lecture series in the best possible way. Guest speakers are encouraged to attend the college for filming to ensure a dynamic presentation as the space is customised and set up with multiple cameras to enhance viewer experience. The lectures are then live broadcast in the Digital Campus and on Facebook livestream, allowing a large and diverse audience to watch, participate, or view the series at a later date. 
If you are interested in attending the first MITS lecture join the Prague College Facebook page and automatically receive the livestream when you log on to Facebook on November 11 at 16.00 CET. Alternatively you can ask for an invitation link by contacting rsvp@praguecollege.cz 
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