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#NoTimeToWaste 1st update

by Matthew Butler, on 20 November 2018 14:30:55 CET

Perhaps you have noticed in recent weeks news in the media about changes in ocean temperatures, the drop in the number of animals on the planet or plastic in human bodies. Perhaps you have come across slightly more positive news about the EU making attempts to tackle the recycling "crisis" while the amount of plastic in the oceans increases.

Humans are beginning to wake up to the scope of the problems we face, and there is a rise in the number of creative approaches people are taking to tackle them.

As you may know, Prague College in its own way is also participating in this process through its annual theme #NoTimeToWaste, and many of you are already working on various projects in your own programmes. We hope to see the first results very soon.



As a school we have held several events so far, including participation in the Prague 2 community street event Zažít město jinak. During the Launch of the NoTimeToWaste theme at the beginning of the semester we heard presentations from all three schools, Business, Media & IT and Art & Design about their involvement with the project and now we are looking for their outcomes at the end of the semester and planning a way of presenting those.

We are thankful to MA Future Design student Irina Antonets and to students from the 3rd semester of Graphic Design who worked on the identity for the whole project.

We have now collected five bags of clothes for Moment - charity shop - and have an ongoing collecting station at reception in Polska.


During the "Zero Waste & Business? Yes or No" conference we presented our project and expanded our network of contacts.

There are three events planned so far before the end of December. Would you like to join?

On November 21st a group of us will be viewing a documentary containing a positive story of how one person can influence the "food crisis driven by profitability and a lack of consumer education". We will be going to kino Aero, a nice independent movie theatre to screen the movie (with drink and talk to follow). Please let me know whether you would like to come along and if you would go from Prague College (departing 17.00) or meet already there (around 17.45) so we can book the tickets.

On November 28th from 18.00 there will be a Master Speaker talk on the fashion Industry and Slow Fashion by Marketa Soukupova from Moment Charity Shop.

On December 11th from 18.00 there will be another Master Speaker talk on the Cyclic Economy by Vojtech Vosecky from Institute of Circular Economy.

Please join us for these inspiring speakers.

We would like to thank Taisiia Nafigina who, in her role as Student Council president was instrumental in bringing the topic of waste to Prague College's attention. Together with Paul DeLave on behalf of our Sustainability Platform we are looking for more of you who wish to take this further -- those who are interested in the topic and would like to meet and co-operate in planning and organising and documenting other events.

Come to the events and/or simply talk to us.

You can also post your activities, projects you are doing and tips into this Google doc. 

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