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PCU Master’s Degrees

by Larissa Petryca, on 12 August 2021 12:04:57 CEST

PCU offers five exceptional Master's degrees to advance your knowledge, skills and career prospects while continuing at work. All the programmes have been developed in collaboration with industry to ensure high relevance to your chosen field.

“When people face difficulties making career progress it's often because they lack postgraduate qualifications, which can be tough to pursue due to work obligations.”
Stefano Cavagnetto, Dean of The School of Business.

Balancing work and study

Both the MSc in International Management and the MSc in Computing are available in either Intensive (three-semester) or Standard (four-semester) formats, while the MA in Fine Art and the MA in Future Design are both low-residency two-year programmes.

Degrees in Business and Computing are offered in global blended format as well as on-campus. Blended learning makes use of online classes, providing the flexibility needed to successfully balance both work and study. These are supplemented by a residential component in Prague, either two weekends per semester or one week at the end of each semester. Note that our most recently introduced programme, Master’s in Leadership and Strategic Management, is offered only in global blended format.

MSc Computing can be completed in as little as 3 semesters and in blended format offering maximum flexibility for those working

The Fine Art and Future Design programmes are run from the university’s studios and classrooms, but are low-residency, with 8-9 hours of class time a week, plus additional workshops & guest lectures. More information about the structure of these programmes can be found in the programme links.

Relevance to Industry

PCU regularly talks with leading professionals and academics in the UK and Europe to discover areas where employee skill sets need boosting. For example, Master’s in Leadership and Strategic Management has been designed specifically to teach those already at executive level, or those who aspire to senior management roles how to be more effective leaders.

PCU, Teesside University and industry partners discuss key skills that will give their graduates the edge

Want to change or enhance your career?

Master’s degrees are perfect if you’re looking to move into a different field or change job. Equally, if you’re planning on staying with your current employment, both Business and Computing Masters’ degrees contain project-based modules allow you to implement learning directly into the workplace. Fine Art & Future Design have a residential component where students either undertake research or work within a company or institution.

Fine Art and Future Design students have studio space at PCU’s specialist campuses and also undertake research or work at external institutions as part of their programme

What can I do with my Master’s?

PCU Master’s graduates are known for securing global careers at leading corporations, while others have successfully pursued doctoral studies at leading institutions or have started their own businesses. Here are just a few of our success stories:

MSc International Management graduates

  • Kateřina Hašková is Brand Manager for Pilsner Urquell, the largest Czech brewer with a global reach.
  • Chaitanya Hiremath is founder and CEO of Sleipnir Studios, an animation studio specialising in VR content in Delhi and founder and CEO of Scanta in San Francisco, that develops virtual assistant shields to protect machine learning algorithms from security attacks
  • Mariia Moiseieva is a Web and Social Media Producer for Voice of America in Washington DC.

MSc Computing graduates

  • Martin Papík works as a Team Leader, IT Technical Designer, DevOps & Software Engineer for Czech Banking giant ČSOB.
  • Alejandro Villamarin is a DevOps Engineer at Barclays Investment Bank in Prague.
  • Petr Roudensky, winner of the Dean’s Award from Teesside University, has authored three books on IT and is considered a leading expert in his field.
  • Michele Nuovo is a Java Software Developer at Deutsche Börse, one of the world’s leading exchange organizations.

MA Fine Art graduates

  • Alexandre Andrade was selected to exhibit at the prestigious international art exhibition, Future Vision, organized by the University of Porto's Research Institute of Art, Design and Society.
  • Saša Spačal exhibited her final work, a bioelectronic communication device between fungi and humans in Barcelona and Prague and was nominated for the prestigious STARTS Prize - Grand prize of the European Commission.
  • William Holme works as a content specialist at Prusa Research, a groundbreaking Czech company specializing in 3D printing.

MA Future Design graduates

  • Irina Sidorina is the founder of Le Kimono, an independent design consultancy in Paris focusing on sustainability in the creative process.
  • Mike Jelinek is currently preparing his PhD dissertation work at the Slovak University of Technology. He also works as a Senior Researcher/Product manager at Wacom, connecting the technology of Future Ink with potential creative uses.

Global Blended Degrees

Once viewed as a weaker substitute for learning on-campus, online degrees are gaining on their traditional counterparts amid the pandemic both in the Czech Republic and the world at large. PCU has been offering both on-campus and online programmes toward several degrees and professional qualifications for over a decade.

For Business & Computing students, all three Master’s degrees are offered in Global blended format.

The "blended" aspect is what separates PCU’s programmes from other distance learning programmes. Students enjoy residential blocks (one week or 2 weekends) each semester which give them the opportunity to meet with professors and other students for face-to-face teaching and networking.

Students, regardless of where they are based and with classes and consultations set outside of working hours, can focus on their area of study and with the help of a professional faculty, can fully research, discover and create innovative solutions.

Residential sessions give students the opportunity to meet fellow students and their lecturers

Want to know more?

All PCU degree programs offer a hands-on approach to learning using practical projects, fieldwork, live projects, business simulations, and global and local case studies, as well as ongoing contact with the industry via lecturers and guest speakers who deliver relevant research-based teaching.

To find out more about our Postgraduate offerings visit our programme pages below or get in touch with admissions@praguecityuniversity.cz to start as early as September or February.

Programme Links

MSc International Management
MSc Leadership and Strategic Management

MSc Computing

MA Fine Art
MA Future Design

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