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How to apply  
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Alumni Association

Stay in contact with your friends and colleagues, as well as all the latest news and keynote events taking place at PCU.

As a graduate of PCU, or a previous graduate of Prague College and Akcent College, you become a member of the PCU Alumni Association. Alumni are key to our long-term development goals: academic excellence, links to industry, employability, enhanced research and creative initiatives, and the chance to engage with a wide community in the Czech Republic and globally.


We are delighted to welcome our alumni back as professional guest lecturers, either to partake in a workshop, lecture, career fair presentation, or as a featured speaker for one of the school’s speaker series. We also encourage alumni working in corporations to sign their company to our industry network and/or become a closer partner of PCU.

By keeping your contact details up to date you can ensure:

  • an occasional email newsletter
  • access to professional and employment opportunities
  • membership to our dedicated LinkedIn group
  • invitations to reunions and other social events
  • opportunities for networking, promotion and career development, including continuing engagement with our Industry Network

How do I join?

There’s no official signup, membership is automatic for all those who have graduated. However, in order for us to keep you informed of activities, we need your help keeping your contact details up to date.

For this purpose you can contact Student Services at student.services@praguecityuniversity.cz or simply update your details via the online form at the end of this page.

Meet our Alumni Ambassadors




Hannah-Maria Kucera (Czech Republic/Canada)
BA (Hons) International Management, Graduated 2009
Industry: Consulting

"I currently work as a freelance Business Consultant in Prague, focusing on Global Systems Applications & Implementations Projects."





Lukáš Strapec (Slovakia)
MSc International Management, Graduated 2019
Industry: Supply chain, Shipping, Logistics
Working as an Intermodal Freight Forwarder.




Nikki Severin (Czech Republic)
MA Future Design, graduation 2019, valedictorian
Industry: Gaming - Community Manager for Ylands at Bohemia Interactive, a world-famous Czech gaming studio.
"I struggled to take a step towards my passion, but I finally did it! By combining my love of video games, my background in media and my framework as a designer I joined the gaming industry and I cannot be happier!’"



FrancescoPalmieri_e8ec80cea14c9e95ffa4746b496db6c9Francesco Palmieri (Italy)
MSc International Management, Graduated 2021
Industry: Finance - Financial Analyst at The European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany

"I work as a Financial Analyst in the banking supervision division for the European Central Bank. When studying for my Master’s, my lecturers were great mentors who guided me and helped me find out what I am passionate about. I was able to discover new topics and subjects really interest me and I have made them part of my daily life."