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School of Media & IT: Media Showcase

The Creative Media Production degree introduces students to the latest practices in digital media, with particular emphasis on developing innovative content and the technical aspects required to apply for work across a range of contemporary media platforms. Following are some outstanding projects created by our students.

Short Film: Nino Aphakidze “Round Up” 

BA Graduating work 2019


Blog: Lena Fix “Compost” 

BA Graduating work 2020

Client Project: Argo Play

AR Brochure & Promo video in collaboration with Prague College: Anna Benedek, Artur Arepyev, Jon Karel Sedney, Jordan Unachukwu, Sabina Svatosova,  Htun Lynn Zaw, Aliaksei Bundur, Valeriia Nesterenko,  Vera Radu,  Laura Kucerova, Anastasius Menezes 

Client Production Project 2020

argoplay_behind_the_scenes (2)

Client Project: Rekola Campaign 

Lika Sas, Nino Aphakidze, Giordano Murua, Izolda Balgolova, Selina Nikijuluw, Dina Romantsova 

Client Production Project 2018


Short Film: Lika Sas “Wax Love” 

BA Graduating work 2019


Client Project: Slow Tech Institute

Haley Montowski,  Lena Fix, Baris Hayirseven, Otto Neu, Laila Zohmdy 

Client Production Project 2019


Short Documentary: Izolda Balgolova “One Move” 

BA Graduating work 2019


Short Film: Giordano Murua “Rebellious” 

BA Graduating work 2019