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Web Applications using AI
24 June to 11 July 2024

Keep your skill-levels relevant by learning how to research, design and create innovative web apps quickly using the latest AI technologies! The course is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to web and app development concepts and tools. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your professional skills relevant by mastering how to research, design and create innovative web apps quickly using the latest AI technologies!

No previous skills or special software are necessary!

Location: City Centre Campus, Hybernská 1009/24, Prague 1

Web Design Summer Courses


The topics covered in this course are:

①  Application design
②  HTML, CSS and JavaScript
③  Front-end development with Vue.js
④  Back-end development with Express.js
⑤  Data management with MongoDB
⑥  User authentication with JWT

In addition you will learn to:
 • Master user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design principles
 • Implement front-end data binding frameworks efficiently
 • Develop back-end API-driven solutions
 • Integrate advanced database technologies seamlessly
 • Gain an understanding of conceptualising, designing, and deploying production-ready web applications
 • Course includes building practical hand-on applications

Course participants will build practical hands-on applications  with help and support from the tutor during the process.

You will study 4 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, over three weeks.

Working with code was new to me and a bit scary. I always thought that coding is highly complex and difficult to learn, but with the help of a good lecturer it turns out to be fun solving code riddles. The final results of your hard work pays off with an uplifting feeling that you have really learnt something. To see the final product feels surreal and I could never have imagined that I would be able to achieve this, and never expected that I would enjoy this class so much.

When: 24 June to 11 July 2024 (3 weeks)
Class schedule: Monday to Thursday (9:00 — 13:00)
Price: 16 000 CZK
Lecturer: David Petryca

Students receive a certificate on completion of the course.

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