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Business Plus: learning opportunities outside of the classroom

We partner with key International Chambers of Commerce and Professional Associations in the Czech Republic to create opportunities for our students to connect and learn directly with working professionals.

Our faculty select relevant business briefings, seminars and lectures that are promoted by our partners and then extend invites to motivated students. Attending these paid events provides students with a fantastic chance to connect with influential leaders and acquire valuable insights into current business challenges.

For our faculty, meeting with key business leaders allows them to hear first-hand the opportunities and challenges that businesses and their employees are facing. As a result, faculty understand businesses needs and can develop relevant programme syllabus, shaping graduates that are ready for contemporary business environments. Furthermore, our chamber and professional partners leverage our lecturing staff to deliver presentations and share their business-focussed research.


Adam Vilimovský_BusinessPlus

The Nine Chambers evening was an amazing opportunity to meet with business leaders and chamber of commerce representatives at the beautiful Zofin Palace. The event offered a wonderful friendly atmosphere, in which I was able to meet representatives from numerous international companies as well as local ones from various industries such as technology, software and food and beverage. It was a wonderful place to discover new business opportunities and expand my network of contacts.

Adam Vilimovský, MSc International Management student

British Chamber of Commerce


Since its inception, PCU has been a member of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and has participated in, and hosted a number of collaborative events. Our lecturers have presented at seminars and conferences and a number have recently joined BCC’s Sustainability committee along with a selected student representative from PCU. Master's students have also taken part in BCC's round table Innovation Forum that examined current challenges in sales channels through the eyes of consultants, tech companies and customers.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce operates as a platform for members to directly meet corporate and government leaders and senior experts, through numerous business, social, and sporting events. The chamber welcomes PCU students who share an interest in topical business briefings and seminars. PCU has been a long-time member of the chamber and have sponsored their talks and events over the past years.

International Business Forum

IBF_logoThe International Business Forum (IBF) is an independent, non-profit organisation that provides a forum for senior members of international companies to meet, share experiences, and actively look for opportunities to do business together. IBF has attracted some of the Czech Republic’s biggest foreign investors to its Patronage, and includes many of the most respected business people. Attendees are typically senior management level representatives, ensuring that topics for seminars and speakers are chosen accordingly. Small round table discussions and lunches for 'members only' give our lecturers and students a unique opportunity to witness first-hand prominent business leaders discussing critical issues facing Czech business. Two examples from the past year was the IBF Real Estate Seminar which analysed the Czech Real Estate residential and commercial market where Stefano Cavagnetto, Dean of the School of Business gave the keynote address. This was followed by the IBF Hospitality Seminar that brought together Prague's restauranteurs, bar owners, caterers and hoteliers to problem-solve the many issues that have affected the sector due to the pandemic.

Italian Czech Chamber of Commerce (Italsko-česká obchodní a průmyslová komora)

ItalianChamberICOPK partner with local and international businesses with links to Italy. They offer regular seminars in technology, law, industrial and services sectors. Students who speak Italian or Czech are invited to join briefing luncheons and webinars to connect their theoretical knowledge with practical information.

In turn, PCU has invited Matteo Mariani, Secretary-General of the chamber deliver a keynote address for the School of Business Master Speaker Series where he presented his research on smart working and organisational change within Czech SMEs. ICOPK plan to initiate a chambers programme in English for young business people and will partner with PCU by bringing these young professionals to the university for several lectures per year that would focus on skills and training. 

Nordic Chamber of Commerce

NordicChamber_logoFounded in 1995, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce serves as a Nordic Platform for people and businesses connected to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It provides information, education and promotes business opportunities for its members through its partnership with embassies, local government and professional organisations in the Czech Republic. NORCHAM's agenda to promote sustainable, gender-equal and transparent business, as well as other core values of the Nordic Countries strongly align with PCU. Each year they offer an exclusive mentoring programme to motivated young professionals which includes PCU's student talent pool. Through events, workshops, seminars and business meetings they share best practices from both the Nordic region and the Czech Republic, thus contributing to the development of the local business environment.

Faisal Alhunaiti_BusinessPlus_NordicChamber

"I had the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce, where I gained valuable insights into the chamber’s current values and objectives. Meeting with a diverse group of business leaders at the event was an enriching experience, and I believe it has the potential to positively impact my future career aspirations."

Faisal Alhunaiti, MSc International Management student

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

Ukrajinsko-Ceska-Obchodni-Komora4The Ukrainian-Czech Chamber of Commerce (Ukrcham) was established for the development of bilateral relations between Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Ukrcham as a business network promotes the activities of its members to partners in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The Chamber is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization. Its activities are focused on the all-round support of business and other relations between the Czech Republic and Ukraine and on the promotion and protection of the common interests of its members.