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Jodie Hruby

Associate Lecturer
School of Art & Design

Jodie Hruby teaches in the School of Art and Design at Prague City University and mainly in our flagship Masters in Future Design. Jodie is an architect/designer with an MSc in Architecture, Urbanism, and Architectural Conservation from the US and the UK, with further MA design studies at the Chelsea College of Art + Design in London.

An explorer at heart, she has lived and worked in various countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and is widely travelled – feeding a strong desire to know other cultures. She has a keen interest in the intermingling of the arts with the sciences and technology (high/low/fast/slow), to achieve the delicate combination from which poetry emerges.

Jodie is also a writer/editor/translator collaborating with architects, artists, playwrights, designers, musicians, performers, etc. on projects across Europe, as well as on books and publications. Prior to living in Prague she founded and directed a nomadic platform for the arts in Brussels, presenting performance, music, and visual arts exhibitions, often in parallel. In her free time she creates projects ranging from 3D poetry to scripts for plays, and is currently learning to play the piano.



MA Art & Design, Chelsea College of Art, London UK
MSc Architectural Conservation, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh UK
BSc Architecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA


Professional Activities:

2019-2023 – Prague City University - Lecturer

2017-2023 – Editing of CZ-EN translations: OVIDI, SOFFA magazine, Yinachi publishers, Prague (CZ)

2003-2023 – Writing/translating/editing for Art, Design, Architecture, Literature organisations: Kunstenfestivaldesarts; Etablissement d’en Face Projects; Argos Centre for Art and Media; Galerie Elisa Platteau; WIELS Contemporary Art Centre; Extra City Centre for Contemporary Art; Gagarin, Passa Porta; Het Beschrijf; M HKA; De Witte Zaal; Packed; H ART; Les Filles du Calvaire; FLACC; Middelheim; Vision&Factory; De Witte Raaf; Domus; Galerie Greta Meert; Lanoo; Constant: Atelier Jan Strick; Rotor; De Appel; Vitra; HISK; MAD Brussels; Vincent Van Duysen; Art Press Editions; etc. // 

–  Writing/translating/editing for Artists, Designers, Architects, Musicians, Writers: Michel François, Jeff Geys, Richard Venlet, Bart De Baere, Andy Wauman, Leen Voet, Harald Thys & Jos De Gruyter, Hans op de Beeck; Gregory Lang; Karl Van Welden, Jan Mot; Yves Zurstrassen; Marc Godts, Michel Grandsard, Forma Concreta, Eric Thielemans, Michael Van den Abeele; Franciska Lambrechts, Seton Beggs, Frédérique Lagny, Pieter De Buysser; Juliaan Lampens (A. Campens); Martijn De Waal; Rollin Beamish; et al, Brussels (BE) / Antwerp (BE) / Ghent (BE) / Amsterdam (NL) / Milan (IT) 

2010-2017 – DAMN° (BE) magazine on international culture - editor, writer, translator 

2011-2017 – Waxy Pith, (BE) (AT) (NO) (CZ) - director

2000-2013 – Lux Nova Chop (BE) - director, architect, designer

2010-2011 – NAKED STATE (BE) contemporary art gallery - director

2007-2009 – noumenon (BE) - director, architect, designer, artist

2002-2007 – BW international hotels (EU) - architect

2000-2003 – Ad!dict Creative Lab / Ad!dict Creative Xray (BE); Cofinimmo Property Developers (BE); Duval Guillaume Advertising Agency (BE); TBWA Advertising Agency (BE); Virgin Express Airlines (UK); Time-Out Magazine (UK); Hogeschool Sint-Lukas (BE); Masters@Work Agency (BE); Diamond merchants (BE); 2design4u (BE) - designer, writer, editor, translator

1997-2000 – Kipling International (BE) - architect

1995-1997 – Architectenbureau Grandsard, Rave Design, Urban Forms, Bram Wouters Architects (BE) - architect, designer

1993-1995 – Hemingway Properties, Antony Gibb Conservation, Covent Garden Area Trust (UK) - architect

1991-1992 – Four IV, Designers, Roger Mears Architects, GRE Properties, Andrew Williams, Artist (UK) - architect, designer

1989-1991 – The Sir Basil Spence Partnership, Architects (UK) - project architect

1989 – Beijing (book published in 1990, Hong Kong) (UK) - designer

1988-1989 – RMJM Ltd, Architects (UK) - architect

1987-1988 – Williams + Winkley Architects (UK) - architect

1986 – Shankland Cox, Architects and Town Planners (UAE) - architect, designer

1984-1985 – de Brant Joyce and Partners, Architects and Interior Designers (Brunei) - architect

1983-1984 – Moxley + Frankl, Chartered Architects (UK) - architect

1982-1983 – Edward Cullinan Architects (UK) – architect

1980-1981 – Southgate Partnership Architects (Qatar) - architect



2010-2012 – Precarious Interchange (BE); Grounded (AT); Thou Art My Only Desire (BE); Elsewhere(BE); An Evening of Tenderness and Amusement (BE); Conditional Matter (BE); Chassé Croisé (BE); Otherwise (BE); Metamorphoses (BE); Terminal Beauty (BE)

2008 – A glimpse of a fragment in a process of constant change, Logement (BE)

2007-2008 – Material Metamorphosis: An interactive installation Shenzhen–Hong Kong Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism (CN)

2007 – Field Studies -–35m3 Young Architecture: deSingel (BE)

2004 – Reactionary Ingestion – Artefact festival: STUK (BE)

2003 – 932m3, RI and MLWU; Gun Shooting Gallery (BE)


Research, Design, Development (2002 – 2007)

  • Research and development of advanced materials and production methods, leading to the germination of new design processes; 
  • Multifarious projects devised using shape memory materials in combination with new techniques and technologies. Collaborators include the Materials Science and Metallurgy departments at the University of Leuven, the University of Ghent, and specialist national and international enterprises.Design of 3D transformable objects utilising shape memory alloy and shape memory polymer, including Braille products using SMP with ElekTexTM fabric sensor and switching applications (wall surface, seat, lampshade, bath toy, Braille keyboard/information pad, Braille bracelet/watch).
  • Research of shape memory alloys and shape memory polymers and development of new processing techniques in collaboration with mnemoscience (DE), CRG-industries (USA), and the University of Leuven (BE).
  • Concept design: Jewish Museum Berlin/Tel Aviv; European Museum Brussels (BE)
  • Research into biomimetics, and the development of designs reflecting biomimetic properties.
  • Research into evolutionary design utilising biomimetics, and development of designs involving genetic algorithm programming and biomimetic properties.
  • Compilation of two small books on NOUMENON projects.
  • Graphic studies in the rescaling of images, and creation of interference through layering and rotating of pixel patterns.
  • Development of 3D form-variable objects, involving knitted shape memory alloy items and other technologies (lattice structure, mat-to-form structure, outer space device, programmed seating element).
  • Design of an installation-performance based on SMA, IBVA (brainwave apparatus), electronic ink, and other technologies.
  • Research on SMA and development of new application technique; design and prototyping of a knitted SMA vessel, an object that changes from a disc to a dish on contact with a heated liquid (with financial support from the Flemish Government, and from IWT –the Flemish Institute for Innovation through Science and Technological Research).