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Graduate Exhibitions 2022

Over the month of June, graduates from six programmes showcased their work in four exhibitions and one cinema night. Each exhibition was themed, curated and marketed by student teams who are responsible for selecting modes of delivery, promotional graphics, teaser trailers, budgets, and devising publicity campaigns. 

Below are the exhibition details, web links and photo galleries.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Long Story Short

3–5 June 2022

Long Story Short featured graduates work over 6 distinctively themed zones highlighting graduate's creative journey as designers, culminating in this one final moment. Students began the exhibition by giving a public presentation of their work which was also live-streamed.

Venue: Bishop's Court, Biskupský Dvůr 923/34a, Prague 1

Website: longstoryshort.space
Behance: @yearthree
Instagram: @pc.artdesign 
Livestream Presentation →
Flickr image gallery →

"Long Story Short", BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduate Exhibition

BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media


3–5 June 2022

The ЯTUT' exhibition focussed on the age of digital media as well as the transformation of individuals artistic practice based on their personal experience and outlooks on life. The audience experienced the ideas, forms and thoughts coming to life through the eyes of the artists making these transformational experiences accessible through the use of virtual pilgrimages - a form of escapism, showcasing varying identities from all around the globe.

The title - ЯTUT’, that also read as “Ya Tut” (I am Here), is the word for mercury, and a reference to artists and audiences coming together, molten into one single fragment. An explosive combination of minds with different views and ideologies. I am here. We are here. 

Venue: Bishop's Court, Biskupský Dvůr 923/34a, Prague 1

Website: RTUT
Instagram: RTUT 
Flickr image gallery →

RTUT' Final Exhibition 2022
"RTUT", BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media Graduate Exhibition

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice

67% Tomato 58% Society

6 June 2022 

This random and intriguing exhibition title 67% Tomato 58% Society, was selected to avoid a generic and clichéd theme. Student's decided to retain an air of mystery around the exhibition and instead reflect their personalities. In addition, the event featured DJ performances, a Ceramics Station, Poetry Station and Flash Tattoo station.

Venue: Polska Campus, Polska 10, Prague 2

Website: 67% Tomato 58% Society
Instagram: FADMP
Flickr image gallery →

FADM Final Exhibition 2022
"67% Tomato 58% Society", Foundation Diploma Art, Design & Media Practice Final Exhibition

MA Fine Art & MA Future Design

A Walk on a Wild Side


An exhibition can be a symbol, a place, or a journey, but it can also be a source of conflict or an unfulfilled expectation. Ten students from ten different countries all over the world graduated from MA Fine Art and MA Future Design. The exhibition contained video, sculpture, installation, and performance and expressed the pulse of art & design communities, which have survived and flourished despite the various restrictions during the past two years.

The exhibition bore the same name as the song by Lou Reed, A Walk on the Wild Side. Written in 1972, it explored taboo topics of the time and described individual risky journeys. The lyrics now have a whole new meaning. An uncertain existence is now a new reality, one that we all have to attempt to navigate. Compared to the past, how have we changed as a society? With the same title as the song, the exhibition played with both past time and present time. Yes, this was not the end, but the beginning of a new Chapter.

In addition to the exhibition there was a:

Public Workshop
Playing with Scales - a workshop to examine approaches to creating art using microscopes as creative tools

Public Performances
Daily performances from Alexandra Vasic’s project in the exhibition hall (10 to 20 mins duration).

Sunday Panel discussion
For the closure of the exhibition ‘the MA graduates opened a conversation with their teachers and tutors who have guided them through the 2 year programme. The panel aimed to create an open conversation about the present art world, its future, and the importance of new artists’ participation in a post pandemic, Central European context. 

Venue: Pragovka Gallery, Kolbenova 923/34a, Prague 9 

Website: A Walk on the Wild side
Flickr image gallery →

MA FA MA FD Final Exhibition 2022
"A Walk on the Wild Side", MA Fine Art & MA Future Design Graduate Exhibition

BA (Hons) Creative Media Production


16 June 2022 

Graduating students from Creative Media Production presented their final work on the big screen at Prague's famous arthouse cinema Bio Oko and received much praise from an appreciative audience.

Venue: Bio Oko cinema, 15, Františka Křížka 460, Prague 7
'Prisma' Film Screening, BA (Hons) Creative Media Production