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ukraineWe are deeply saddened by the war of aggression that has been started by the political and military leadership of Russia against the people of Ukraine.

This unjust and unjustified violence strikes at the heart of everything we believe should be part of a vibrant and peaceful international community.

We will do everything we can, and more, to support our Ukrainian and Russian students and staff. For some of you this is an unbearably difficult time.

Our staff and students have shown wonderful support for each other. Despite the emotional difficulties, we have no doubt that everyone in the PCU community will continue to demonstrate their compassion, understanding and support for each other through this distressing time.

Scholarships and Academic Fellowships at PCU

We have provided 25 full scholarships and a number of Academic Fellowships for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic under emergency protection. This is to help those students start their studies, or continue their studies from where they left off in Ukraine, or in the case of an Academic Fellowship allow a teacher to continue research and teaching their specialization. 


Following is a list of local resources that can offer support to those affected. We will update this page as we find out more.

If you would like to contribute to this page with information on organisations offering help then please get in touch with us here. 

Information & government support pages for Ukrainians arriving in the Czech Republic




Czech Radio is broadcasting news in Ukrainian, more details here.

Government Assistance

The government has approved a program to help Ukrainians who flee to the Czech Republic due to the war. It will provide basic needs, such as accommodation, meals or basic social and material assistance for up to 5,000 Ukrainians in need.


Many Czech banks are offering free accounts and one off cash payment to Ukrainians who have fled their country. These are just two such offers.

Československá obchodní banka (ČSOB) offers free withdrawals with Ukrainian bank cards. They offer free account and card immediately in different currencies and with credit of 2500 CZK plus free cash deposits in EUR and USD. The also offer communication in Ukrainian language by phone: 800 200 290

Raiffeisen Bank offers a free account in different currencies and online banking in Ukrainian will soon be offered by the bank. They will also give 2500 CZK credit into these new accounts.


Information on refugee facilities and assistance from the Czech Government.

The Ministry of the Interior has set up an email address for people who can offer mass accommodation for refugees, specifically for larger accommodation facilities that can provide meals. Offers can be sent by email to the Administration of Refugee Facilities of the Ministry of Interior.

If you are able to offer accommodation for individuals or families you can register your details on the website Refugees Welcome, run by the Association for Integration and Migration. Ukrainian refugees can also register with the website for help with housing.

Public Transport

Czech Railways allow Ukrainian citizens who are traveling either to or from Ukraine to be transported free of charge by all trains, including trains with mandatory reservations. With immediate effect, passengers who provide their Republic of Ukraine passport can travel free of charge on all Czech Railways trains throughout the Czech Republic. The measure is intended to enable rapid and smooth transfer for Ukrainian citizens. 
NB: Austria and Germany have also extended free travel on trains to Ukrainian passport holders.

Prague's public transport system is allowing Ukrainian citizens free transportation on the city network. 

Legal Help

Tašl advokátní kancelář, specialists in foreign law
If you have Ukrainian friends or family who need help coming into or staying in the Czech Republic, then please refer them to Tašl advokátní kancelář for free legal advice and assistance.

Help Ukraine, free legal for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic in Ukrainian language.

The Association for Integration and Migration are also offering free legal and social assistance to Ukrainians and their families. Email: poradna@migrace.com or Tel: +420 224 224 379.

Psychological Help

Czech National Institute of Mental health is offering free therapy and help to Ukrainian citizens. 

Terapie.cz is also offering free therapy to Ukrainian citizens.

Psychological help for PCU Community

Please reach out to Nelli, Ry or Filip in Student Services if you are struggling during this time or facing difficult decisions. Our anonymous psychological counselling through City Practice is also here for you, whether a student or staff member.

Language Lessons

Free Czech language lessons for Ukrainians in Karlin. Free Czech and English language lessons offered at Javanka Indonesian restaurant in Vinohrady, drop in for details.

How to Donate

Following are a list of certified charities who are raising funds to directly help the Ukrainian people.

Darujme's website connects to all major charities supporting Ukraine including animal charities. The site allows you to see how much money each charity has raised and how the funds will be used.

Ukrainian Embassy in Prague
To support the Ukrainian nation.

People in Need/Člověk v tísni

Czech Red Cross/Český Červený Kříž

Memory of the Nation/Paměť národa


How to Donate Items & Non-Perishable Food

As the humanitarian crisis deepens the need becomes greater. There are many drop of points that are open to receiving anything. Clothing, food, toys, shoes, kitchen equipment and hygiene products are all in high demand. 

We can personally recommend Šatník Praha at Pražské tržnici (Prague Markets) in Holešovice. You can drive all goods in to stand 13 (enter from Alza carpark closest to the river). There is also another large store accepting all goods at Václavské nám. 62.

Donate food to Potravinovaná Banka Praha. It not only supports recent Ukrainian refugees but also provides ongoing food to Ukrainian families who are short of money and struggling to find employment.

Telegram group Humanitarian Aid in Prague have also set up inner city drop-off points where specific items can be delivered and redistributed to refugees. Click on the various drop-off locations to see what they need.

If you have furniture that you need transported to shelters then you can contact The Little Van that Can, who will pick up your goods and deliver for free but you will need to meet their petrol costs. 

How to Volunteer

The Czech Ministry of Interior is collecting a database of volunteers who are willing to help Ukrainian citizens arriving in the Czech Republic. To join, sign up here so they can contact you if your support is needed.

Stand with Ukraine 

Stand with Ukraine was created by the Czech professional IT community and launched on Sunday in response to the flood of offers and interest in providing assistance to citizens of Ukraine. Through the website you can offer accommodation, transport, money and donate items to the many help collections that are underway. If you are a lawyer or Psychologist you can also offer your professional services through their web.

Share your voice

How you can support Ukraine lists upcoming worldwide rallies, charities directly assisting Ukraine, downloadable graphics, hashtags and links for businesses large and small who would like to share their support.

Downloadable Ukraine-Czech handbook of common phrases and words.

Europe-wide support 

Check out this interactive map Help Me in English & Ukrainian, which shows offers of accommodation, food, and help available to Ukrainian refugees. MAPAHELP - gathers information about organizations and people outside Ukraine who are ready to help Ukrainians for free. The map contains geodata of places where Ukrainians can get food, transfer, housing, medical and psychological help. If you would like to offer services then you can register your details on this website.

How to talk to children about war

Children are experiencing anxiety and confusion when listening to family, friends, social media, television and radio. Here are some ways you can them and help them understand what is happening.