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'Design Studio' Graphic Design Show

by Lucia Ott, on Feb 2, 2018 1:13:08 PM

Graphic design is a versatile discipline that combines a broad range of different fields. Illustration, branding, animation, user interface and editorial design are only a few categories that could be named in this context.

In this year's exhibition 'Design Studio', students of Prague College’s HND Graphic Design programme once more demonstrated their broad spectrum of design projects. The eight students had the chance to display their impressive portfolios, dispalying various projects they were working on during their studies.

Vlada Prykhodko created a mystic atmosphere to display her work. Her projects dealt for example with phobias and anxiety. A video with abstract planet-like objects morphing on the screen, was a central part of her presentation.

IMG_4179.jpg IMG_4177.jpg

Shaun Parkes presented himself as a 'creator of sick designs'. His work included 'Designer Notes', a notebook filled with information "for designers, by a designer", that will help clients to make totally awesome designs. Visitors to the exhibition were also able to play with his interactive audio-visual-installation. 

IMG_4153.jpg IMG_4149.jpg IMG_4125.jpg

Jules Muijsers from the Netherlands showed among other things his 'Uncut' magazine, that represents his passion for music. In his portfolio he writes: "In my free time I like to travel and experience festivals and events around the world that inspire me. Videography and photography is also a passion, so I try to combine these!"

IMG_4128.jpg IMG_4130.jpg IMG_4131.jpg

Every page of Daria Darko's  portfolio demonstrates how sensitively she looks at her surroundings and interprets them in the form of  beautiful illustrations. Just taking a look at her self-portrait helps you to understand what I’m talking about!

IMG_4134.jpg IMG_4138.jpg IMG_4140.jpg

On the basis of her hilarious business cards alone,  Martina Drobna already stood out. "Can't cook, but I throw a decent design" or "Can’t parallel park, but my pixels are on spot" are only two examples of the entertaining statements written on her cards. She also presented an experimental idea for a Signal Festival poster, that includes a small self-constructed light installation.

IMG_4158.jpg IMG_4154.jpg IMG_4156.jpg

Simon Rico exhibited his comprehensive work including a corporate design concept for Czech music store Muziker. In his 'Brand Guidelines' he listed all different factors, that are important for a successful branding. Such manuals can help the client to use their new logo and corporate identity within different applications and situations correctly.

IMG_4172.jpg IMG_4170.jpg

Jakub Vosecký also demonstrated a wide range of design skills. His work included a collection of illustrations, beautiful packaging design and an inspiring animation. In the video he tells the story of the difficulty of getting up in the morning, something we all experience, in his very own style.

IMG_4164.jpg IMG_4160.jpg IMG_4165.jpg

Finally, Julia Inusheva managed to create a charming identity to represent herself as a graphic designer. The colourful patterns seem to symbolize her versatile work in all its facets.

IMG_4167.jpg IMG_4169.jpg

At the beginning of her portfolio she says: "Each project was developed through a research phase, ideas generating stage and concept making stage. Each working is a result of hundreds (and I am not exaggerating) of small decisions."

This is a quite apt description for the creative processes, that resulted in all the elaborated design solutions shown in all of the students' portfolios.




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