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Guest Playlist Curator: Jasmína - "Neverdying Energy"

by Scy, on Mar 16, 2021 7:26:01 PM

Did someone say 90's party? Jasmína provides us with the perfect list to throw one from wherever you are! Another Graphic Design student decided to join the list of Spotify Curators and this time it's a local. Jasmína is from the Czech Republic and shares with us songs that she experienced great times with. Are you in the need of some energy and a throwback to the good day's, head over to Jasmína's playlist.


"Music means a lot to me, I have a playlist for almost any situation in life. I love exploring new music and I even tried to create something myself a few times. I can almost say that along with my parents, music was also something I was growing up with. 

I explore all sorts and genres of music and honestly, I am able to listen to almost anything. But for this specific playlist my inspiration is the good times I have lived while this kind of music was playing. It has some good songs that never get old. It's mostly Eurodance/Easy Techno. Enjoy! :)"

“Jasmína - Neverdying Energy” Tracklist

  1. Weekend! - Scooter
  2. The Logical Song - Scooter 
  3. Ecuador - Original Radio Edit - Sash!
  4. Better Off Alone (Alice DJ)
  5. Roses Are Red - Original Version - Aqua
  6. Butterfly - Smile
  7. Barbie Girl - Aqua
  8. Everytime We Touch - Cascada
  9. Captain Jack - Short Mix - Captain Jack
  10. Mr. Vain - Culture Beat
  11. SMS - Barcode Brothers 
  12. Lollipop (Candyman) - Aqua
  13. Heut' ist mein Tag - Blümchen
  14. Passion - Netzwerk
  15. Arriba - Radio Edit - Creador, Brenda
  16. It's A Fine Day - Barcode Brothers

Playlist link - https://sptfy.com/9Pe1

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